[01:44] <@Gale> zman will you look at my list and help me win regionals
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you give me money
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you help my credit score
[01:45] <a1ice> lol
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you build me a birdhouse
[01:45] <Lenny> xD
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you get me some birds to put in the birdhouse
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you get me a socket wrench
[01:45] <@Gale> also will you tell me what a socket wrench does
[01:45] <@Gale> ??
[01:46] * Lenny is dying from laughter
[01:46] <@Gale> also will you stop lenny from dying
[01:46] <%PriestZero> I'll do all of that
[01:46] <@Gale> also will you kill lenny once you save his life
[01:46] <%PriestZero> OH
[01:46] <%PriestZero> I'll do that first
[01:46] <@Gale> ok good
[01:46] <@Gale> but when you're done with that and the birdhouse will you look at my list
[01:46] <@Gale> because the birdhouse is a pretty big priority
[01:46] <a1ice> o-o
[01:47] <@Gale> I don't need the birds RIGHT AWAY
[01:47] <%PriestZero> ...
[01:47] <@Gale> I just need the birdhouse
[01:47] <%PriestZero> I'll see what I can do
[01:47] <@Gale> just to know that i have it

[17:57] * Lenny is now known as Omega_Blade
[17:57] * Gale is now known as Mind_Bender
[17:57] <&Mind_Bender> o/
[17:57] <Omega_Blade> \o
[17:57] <&Mind_Bender> \o/
[17:57] <Omega_Blade> \o/
[17:57] * Mind_Bender is now known as Gale
[17:57] * Omega_Blade is now known as Lenny

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