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  • Oh and also, smogon's set might be better than my initial idea. Do you still want a careful sableye? 85 attack power stab on sucker punch might not be that useful compared to calm mind bold sableye but im not sure. Up to you
    I'm basically spamming your thread so I figured I'd just post here. Just noticed your numel + (speed boost) carvana and possibly salamence. Almost done growlithe (finished egg moves) but the 1/4 female ratio is getting to me since I breed the pokeballs onto the pokemon. Do you have any other breeding requests? I can also attempt ability capsule trades since I noticed a couple of your shinies have the wrong abilities.
    Glad you like it! It was my 4th shiny Froakie. The others all had the wrong ability/IV. :p I cloned it a ton of times. xD
    Hi Looking for Clefairy. Please add. FC 3797-6892-1844. Have Normal...Lillipup, Audino and Ditto! Thanks in advanced.
    Howdy there, just letting you know I added you. Like to add me? 1719-4249-5926
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