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Jun 3, 2012
Oct 19, 2010
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Aug 8, 1994 (Age: 26)
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Syneptus, the former, Male, 26, from United States

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Jun 3, 2012
    1. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    2. Fancy
      Happy Birthday!
    3. Brave Vesperia
      Brave Vesperia
      Happy Birthday!
    4. Of course I remember you. It's been a while since I've seen you online, though. How are you doing?
    5. Nengeni
      [b]KrdaxDrkrun[/b], How many champions do you play, and can you play all the roles?
    6. Nengeni
      [b]KrdaxDrkrun[/b], Well all I do atm is play ranked. So I'll add you when I hit 30 :D
    7. Nengeni
      [b]KrdaxDrkrun[/b], It'll take you at least 2 months.
    8. Nengeni
      [b]KrdaxDrkrun[/b], If you're level 20+ I'll add you :p
    9. [color=#C71585]It'll start sometime this week. I'm just waiting for one of the S-mods to give me an okay to start it. They want to try and do a Portal announcement around the same time it goes live.[/color]
    10. Nengeni
      [b]syneptus[/b], Either gragas or kennen. You?
    11. [color=#C71585]...I sent two of the same PMs, didn't I? Sorry, that was an accident...[/color]
    12. [color=#C71585]You're welcome. Also, yeah, I'm not too strict with enforcing the haiku contest rules, that much should be clear by now. It's not a sham or anything, but I like trying to give everyone a fair chance to get good work in.[/color]
    13. [color=#C71585]Hmm...okay then. Yeah, I guess it would count.

      Edit: I've still got it down as tentative anyways and modified the rule stating all entries are final on the off chance you can come up with something better.[/color]
    14. [color=#C71585]You may want to redo your haiku... Childhood comforts normally imply stuff like toys, stuffed animals, cartoons, blankies, or anything else that calms children down or that they tend to become attached to from an early age. It's sort of a nostalgic theme this time.

      I'll still take the one you've got, but if you come up with something else and want to switch it out, just let me know.[/color]
    15. nabby101
      [b]syneptus[/b] Maybe. You don't have to send the cards if the shipping is high.
    16. nabby101
      [b]syneptus[/b] Like, the mail returned it?
    17. [color=#C71585]Yeah, I saw that. Sorry, I just didn't check the thread first.[/color]
    18. [color=#C71585]Yes on all counts. The entries don't have to be superbly well-written, but I do expect some quality. Also they have to be left somewhat open-ended so later writers can work from them (or you could just aim for a cut off point since the story won't be completed until round five ideally).

      In any case, I've just got your name down with a question mark on the off-chance you want to drop out right away.[/color]
    19. [color=#C71585]Hey, before I forget, you did enter the Round-Robin contest, right? Just want to confirm before I finalize it as an official entry...[/color]
    20. [color=#C71585]I'm letting bygones be bygones, and moved onward already.[/color]
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    Aug 8, 1994 (Age: 26)
    Home Page:
    United States
    Sins of a Solar Empire
    Supreme Commander

    Current Skillset:
    -Cell Phone Applications
    -Computer Programs, including Macros
    -Basic Test-Driven Development
    3D Modeling
    3D Particle Effects
    Bug Fixer

    I am interested in becoming at least competent at EVERYTHING.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    I play the game.
    Friend Code(s):
    I only befriend people whom I have known for a while...
    Pokemon Involvement:
    I am a devout Mormon. If you want to know what a Mormon is, PM me. If you have any questions about Mormons, PM me.

    I have liked Pokemon since 1999. Yep, I'm hard core.

    (They have a tendency to fluctuate, so bear with me...)
    1) Shedinja - How you like that? Bug that has 1 HP? There's nothing there, and I mean nothing, that doesn't mean that it can't do some damage...
    2) Arcanine - Been my favorite for a LOOOONG time. Seriously, how can you not like the doggie?
    3) Braviary - Eagles are awesome, especially since I am one.
    4) Galvantula - The bug's just epic. Seriously, so much epicness in Compoundeyes + Wide Lens + Thunder = 101% Accuracy. Really high speed. In Soviet Russia, bug zap you...
    5) Ninjask - Ninja bug. How do you like that? Kills other buggers and can set itself up very nicely. Also does not like entry hazards...
    6) Yanmega - Epic bug. Not as fast as Ninjask, but is still very painful to everyone.
    7) Venomoth - Can learn Psychic. This bug messes with your brain and your body. Can't touch this.
    8) Samurott - Why is it that Samurott got stuck in my head? It's an otter/seal with swords. What's not to love? Zyflair's avatar also got the thing stuck in my head...
    9) Klinklang - This Pokemon is so "what the heck is this?" That makes it awesome. The fact that it is a gear really makes it awesome.
    10) Hydreigon - I was debating about other Pokemon instead of Hydreigon, but Hydreigon is just awesome. Three heads, dark dragon, but no dark pulse without breeding!???!? I was so mad when I found out that my Hydreigon couldn't learn it.

    I name my Pokemon weird things that jump into my head when I stare at the sprites for a while.
    for example:
    Female Hydreigon - Skolex
    Male Galvantula - Krdax

    Male Samurott - Domek
    Male Braviary - Prrak
    ... Zekrom - Lemek
    ... Kyurem - Lamak
    Female Archeops - Edora
    Female Carracosta - Jarkul
    ... Klingklang - Coplus

    Weird eh?


    Your friendly Thought Archivist.
    Need help with Homework? (Within reason, of course.) PM me.

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    My Trade Thread
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