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    Ruling VSTAR Power And GX Attack

    Gx attack is technically deference from VSTAR POWER. But at very least on Ptcgo we still have one botton now (change from gx and now write vstar The question is. We can use them both? (expanded format or unlimited) and if yes even in the same turn?
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Officially Revealed, Will Contain Character Rares from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    If gx attack is deference from vstar power... Then expanded goes crazy!
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    ‘Leafeon VSTAR Special Collection’ and ‘Glaceon VSTAR Special Collection’ Revealed!

    So v power was deference from Gx attacks? I mean you can use both? (expanded)
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    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    Oh first turn count the turn that you cannot play support or attack. Anyway my point was that vunion is at least playable in standard format of course you can use it on many other ways and If vstar power counters deference than Gx attack, I mean If you can do Gx attack and vstar the expanded...
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    Pokemon VSTAR Mechanic Revealed: Arceus VSTAR!

    This specific v star is enough to taken v union (Greninja but not only) first turn in standard deck. Just need to no price any v union With this ability + drizzile you can taken one trainer card . Just taken with this ability quick ball (or anything else that smash card) and familiar bell with...
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    Expanded Sylveon v Max

    So you going to a much deference way. OK need draw power I understand why. Even If you ko ADP first turn even if manage to get 2nd turn in a row the Guzma/hala (very possible), still need more price taken from the win. With my plan you may almost guarantee the first huge attack, and maybe...
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    Expanded Sylveon v Max

    I know that typical need number of cards but I thing really not need in this deck a lot Pokémon 23 4 Sylveon v 4 Sylveon v Max 2 hoopa ex (scoundrel ring) 2 dragonite ex (pull up) 2 juraji ex (stealer guidance) 2 volcanion ex (double type) 2 joltic 2 galvantula (double type) 1 fighting type ex...
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    Standard Single strike tyranitar v

    OK I am terrible on writing decks I do my best Pokémons 16 4 tyranitar v(single strike) 4hoondoor 4 hoonboom(single strike) 2 empoar(single strike) 1 dedenee gx 1crobat v Trainers 36 4 tower of darkness 4 vitality jar 2 mustard single strike stance 4 professor research 2marnie 2Cynthia 4 boss's...
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    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    My favorite card(from combo only) was tyranitar v. With double hoondoom can does 320 damage turn 2! I mean if manage to set up 2 Hoondoom +a dce on tyranitar v was (240 basic +40 from sp energy =280 = OHKO ADP. +40 damage split from Hoondoom=320! I mean was no hard to set up and with vitality...
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    Full Metal Wall in February

    1)Slowbro is risk attacker! Normally victini should work here (i hope that you can reflip the coin if you have 3 tails and victini) And 1/64 to lose is HIGH but is enought reson to risk it! I mean if you go 6 times in a game(basic attacker vs Non GX deck) you need at least 6 attacks to win so...
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    Full Metal Wall in February

    Possible 150 (is psyhic) And was other GX that can reduse 30 damage to itself!(Melmetal GX) how Cool is this! i mean Metal is a tank now
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    Discussion Wacky Stage 2s

    Meganium is really OP from me! Saids You can evelve it IMIDIATLY from basics! So now Stage 2 Pokemon was better than Stage 1! 1) Swampert was maybe Stronger than Zoroark now!(trade from 3 you can play basically IMIDIATLY in play) 2)Other Meganium! Because why not! 3) NindoKing can set up easy...
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    SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

    1) We talking from much deference cards (Good ability one price attacker yes is stage 2 i know) 2)if you run good (Ninetails can help to get the rare candy) can trade much better than Necrozma (with 3 energy can hit 210(ultra malamar malamar ninetails and nidoqueen). And even if we have only 3...
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    SM9 'Tag Volt,' Japan's December Set!

    Ok my opinion from TAG TEAM GX. Is risk cards (3 price cards) but ig you play correctly you may forcing opponent to 8 price game(Tag team+ regular GX=5 or 2 gx + single price the classic one) so i don't really care from 3 price taken! Ok is usually bad trade against single price attacker but...