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    Pokemon Pokémon Black & White Mall Tour 2010

    RE: Pokémon Black & White Mall Tour 2010 - New York/Minneapolis, You're Next ! I went to the Mall tour in PA, and I think that Tepig hit on me
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    Charizard Help.

    To add onto the Purposes of Infernape it makes for amazing disruption, grants many easy prizes, and stops Umbreon Lock
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    Charizard Help.

    I honestly think that this is one of the few decks that does better without Uxie (the 10 less damage from Fire Formation hurts soooo much) -2 PONT -3 Fire -2 Seeker -1 Uxie +1 Fisherman +1 Charmeleon +1 Ninetales +1 Vulpix +1 Infernape 4 +2 Interviewer's Questions +1 E-Belt These Changes are...
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    Charizard Deck

    Take Out: 4 Sableye 2 Engineer 2 Collector 1 Pokemon Communication 2 Fire Energy Add: 1 Charmeleon 2 Broken Time Space 2 Fisherman 1 Vulpix (pref Shiny) 1 Ninetales (Roast Reveal) 2 Interviewer's Question 2 Bebe's Search I have been playing a Charizard Deck for a while now and have had great...
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    One thing that I used when I ran something similar to the was HS Delibird for draw power, just get out delibird, rain dance water energy anywhere than use snowy present to draw 5-6 cards a turn. Just something to think about
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    Ursaring Prime Combos?

    A thought that I had a bit ago was unown P and Nidoqueen RR, you place the single damage counter on ursaring for the boost attack then nidoqueen heals it up between turns
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    Royalty Of The Nido (Masters, Any Tournament likely Cities)

    The only reason I have the TR Queen in there is for the return attack cause I feel that you can never really know exactly when something like that could come in handy
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    Royalty Of The Nido (Masters, Any Tournament likely Cities)

    Uhhmmmmm Sablelock ftw, I do have seekers in my deck, but I may consider the Warp Energy because they do have some steep retreats.
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    Royalty Of The Nido (Masters, Any Tournament likely Cities)

    Alright I like some of you advice and i took some of it into consideration. I need the 3 nidorina line because of the overflow of trainer lock in the current format. I did take out one psychic and boosted the Pokemon Communications. And thinking about it 4 Spiritomb would work a little better
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    Royalty Of The Nido (Masters, Any Tournament likely Cities)

    The Strategy is to get Nidoking TR out and boost its HP up to 180 or 200 and then deal damage with Poisonous Horn and have Nidoqueen RR there to consistantly heal and have as a back-up attacker. Nidoking RR's territorialty power allows for added damage and can hold its own as an attacker when...
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    Dragon Disruption (Cities Masters) - (Yes, the name has changed like 3 times)lol

    RE: Dragon Disruption (Cities Masters) I love this deck concept and I have loved the Garchomp SV card for some time and I have one question for you and one slight fix that I personally would make Question: With the Arrival of Seeker why not just take out the Super Scoop Up(s) entirely because...
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    Torterror!!! -Seniors (maybe CC)

    I tried running a deck like this last battle roads, and the one main problem I was having was energy and the heavy retreat costs the torterra has. Some solutions I found came in the Form of Flygon RR (the one with Rainbow float) and interviewer's question. WHile I am unsure about what you...
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    Charizard Take Flight (Citys-Masters)

    Thanks golfer boy I think that I will take you list into account when I change around my deck list next.
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    Movie Box Office

    RE: Movie Discussion Thread II The most Recent movie that I went to the Theater to see was Red. This Movie did not disapoint and it is one of the few movies That My group of friends (those of who that saw it) totally agree on it being just an insanely awesome movie. John Malkovich MADE this...
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    Games you regret ever buying

    I quite regret buying the game The Incredibles for the Nintendo Gamecube because the level Design was just horrid and the random switchups in the playing style and some of the playing types just being just terrible. I also regret buying Sneak King From Gamestop for 99 cents. Never Played it...