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    I Streetpassed you this morning at Regs! If you notice me, come say hi. (I'm the judge with 23 pins on his shirt.) If not today, then maybe Sunday.
    (Sent from my 3DS)
    *coughs loudly* SoCal isn't it's own Pokemon State and didn't you know only people from Cali can win Cali regionals haha... *dry laugh* NorCal might look like a joke to some people but we have our fair share of good players (and when I mean good I mean honorable, nice people) Some of the SoCal people, no offense, have come off as brash, arrogant, and kind of rude in my experience last year. But that's in my experience not that everyone from SoCal is like that (but most likely I was just running into alot of the LA crowd tbh)
    Picky picky :p

    though yeah, I get your point. In my experience, anyway, the most snobby people (in all of CA) are the LA-area crowd. Most everyone else is pretty great to be around wherever, and NorCal playerbase is big too.
    (leaving a profile comment because off-topic; I mostly did that to shut him up because he was making a bunch of wrong assumptions)
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