Trophies Awarded to k0mmandant

    Articles > Staff I.D.

  1. Awarded: Jun 8, 2016

    Beginning Premium TCG Writer

    A skilled and knowledgeable player who wrote at least 2 premium TCG articles for PokéBeach’s article program.

  2. Meta > Member I.D.

  3. Awarded: Sep 6, 2018

    TCG Play! Pokémon Player

    A P!P TCG player who actively battles in tournaments this season.

  4. Awarded: Jun 8, 2016


    A certified Pokémon Professor under TPCi's Professor Program.

  5. Awarded: Nov 11, 2015

    Tournament Organizer

    This member is currently a TO under TPCi.

  6. Awarded: Nov 11, 2015

    League Leader

    This member currently runs a Pokémon League under TPCi.

  7. Awarded: Nov 11, 2015

    Competitive TCG Player

    This member competitively plays the Pokémon TCG on a regular basis.

  8. Awarded: Nov 11, 2015

    TCG Player

    This member plays the TCG on a regular basis.