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  • JPN Gallade, Sounds good, although I'm no longer in need of a Bisharp. What were you interested in from me?
    JPN Gallade, sorry, I've hit the max. I have to cycle through friends...

    If you were to propose a favorable trade, though, I could bump you up on the list.
    No, not at all. I won round 1 in grinders against Tord Reklev's mother and her CMT deck (which had a pretty good build from what I saw), winning both game 1 and game 2, but then I lost round 2 in grinders to Stefan Tabaco. I only lost because on games 1 and 3, I got bad hands.

    I was running the Tom Dolezal version of Speed Darkrai, with the only differences being that I cut out the 4th PlusPower for a 3rd Smeargle and the second Skyarrow for a 4th Switch. The 3rd Smeargle was to decrease the chances of having all Smeargles prized and to keep the Smeargle abuse going after 2 of the Smeargles have been KOd (Smeargles are a common target in Speed Darkrai, for if the deck loses all of them, the deck can lose steam, so it is usually important to run at least 3 for consistency reasons). The 4th Switch was to increase the Smeargle abuse, and the fact everyone at grinders-worlds also played Smeargle basically meant that you can easily run only 1 Skyarrow since your opponent will probably drop their Skyarrow at some point.

    Speed Darkrai is easily one of the fastest and most consistent decks HS-on, which was I chose to run it for grinders. I tested many games with this deck and it really has given me good draw most of the time, but bad luck went against me round 2, losing games 1 and 3 because of that. However, in game 2, I got out a turn 1 Darkrai and KOd his Celebi turn 1, and after that, he was unable to grab more Celebis, making the game go downhill for him from there. He didn't take a single prize that game, and he scooped once I had only a single prize left, prompting the round into game 3. It just comes to show that my deck did have I chance, but again, luck didn't favor me.

    I guess I should I use the term "LCQ Competitor" instead. The reason why I said "LCQ Qualifier "is simply because I was one of the few who was able to make it to the competition and take the chance of making it into worlds. If I did make it into worlds and played in the main competition itself, then it would say "Worlds Competitor" instead.

    Now, however, it looks like I have to make a little change on my About Me so that things will seem clear, as I can now understand why "LCQ Competitor" makes a little more sense.
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