Aug 30, 1982 (Age: 39)
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  1. TCG Player
  2. Competitive TCG Player
  3. Episode Watcher
  4. Movie Watcher
  5. TCG Play! Pokémon Player
  6. League Player
  7. League Leader
  8. Tournament Organizer
  9. Premier Tournament Organizer
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Sad that PTCGO tournaments for physical packs have come to an end? There's another option! Checkout the Tournaments by Team LV5 that I am running: https://www.facebook.com/groups/391366938159232/



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    Movie Watcher

    This member loves the Pokémon films and has seen all of them multiple times.
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    Premier Tournament Organizer

    This member is currently a PTO under TPCi.
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    League Leader

    This member currently runs a Pokémon League under TPCi.
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    100+ Likes

    This member’s posts have received at least 100 likes.
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    Tournament Organizer

    This member is currently a TO under TPCi.
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    TCG Play! Pokémon Player

    A P!P TCG player who actively battles in tournaments this season.
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    Episode Watcher

    This member watches the Pokémon anime on a regular basis or has seen most seasons. He or she has extensive knowledge of the show.
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    Competitive TCG Player

    This member competitively plays the Pokémon TCG on a regular basis.
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    TCG Player

    This member plays the TCG on a regular basis.