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    Help Celebrations Ultra Premium box

    Chances are even if it gets printed like crazy scalpers and collectors will snatch these up like crazy so they will be just as expensive and just as hard to get. Thankfully I got one for $180 on release on ebay. I woke up and they were 350-400 so I felt pretty lucky.
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    Metal Charizard and Pikachu Cards from ‘Celebrations’ Revealed!

    You already have a pre order for this? I haven't even seen it go up on the site yet
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    Greninja Star from ‘Celebrations’ Elite Trainer Box Revealed!

    100%. I don't even give scalpers the time of day. I already am at like 800 between GameStop and Pokémon center. I honestly probably wont even get close to 2k but more likely around 1000-1200. I really only want the $120 box and I'm good. But I definitely am prepared to spend more hah
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    Greninja Star from ‘Celebrations’ Elite Trainer Box Revealed!

    I've been saying the same thing. I don't think i've been this excited for pokemon since Fossil came out. I don't know why. But im am thoroughly excited for this. I've allocated $1500-2000 just for this set.