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    TPCi to Reveal First “Scarlet & Violet” Cards at Worlds, A Recap of Past Reveals

    The Battle Styles and VSTAR trailers can also be included as evidence of what we might see. It's reasonable to assume some version of these trailers would've been shown at Worlds had it happened.
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    Upcoming Japanese Sets to Feature Alolan Vulpix VSTAR, Lugia, and Shiny Charizard VSTAR!

    All of Japan's sets fell one month behind starting with Single Strike Master/Rapid Strike Master (Battle Styles), so it's unsurprising that the Scarlet & Violet base set will release in January. Since the start of Sun & Moon, the first main set to increment the Regulation Marks (the set that...
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    Heatran VMAX, Heatran V, and Wyrdeer V Revealed from S10!

    Heatran VMAX is bad, thank goodness! VMAXs begone!
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    VMAX Pokemon Are Returning to Sets: Heatran VMAX Revealed!

    Tag Bolt was the only Japanese set which contained Tag Teams and not regular GXs. So far there have been two Japanese sets with VSTARs and not VMAXs. So it wasn't a bad bet to assume VMAXs were gone.
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    PTCG Live Will Make It Insanely Affordable to Build Pokemon TCG Decks!

    After a day of content creators playing, it turns out that the initial gems you start out with are incredibly difficult to get. Without gems, you can't buy packs. Without packs, you can't get cards to turn into credits. Without credits, you can't build new decks. Buying code cards will be the...
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    PTCGO servers need to be instructed on how to handle a transfer request once the developers decide what a transfer request looks like. My hypothesis is based on the fact that data from PTCGO servers will be transferred over to TCGL's servers, and the fact that this maintenance was to "allow...
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    I don't see where you're getting next month from. There's no indication for when a target release date will be.
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    No, I'm legitimately a software developer haha.
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    A small infrastructure update had to be done once they've decided exactly what they want to transfer over. They could be doing this in preparation for a transfer in a week, or six months, there's really no way to accurately tell.
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    Mallow & Lana Card to Receive Alternate Artwork Over Two Years After Release

    Can anyone see the regulation mark on there? It looks like a D to me which is very confusing. Mallow & Lana was originally released in the C block.
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    Wormadam, Mothim, and Burmy from ‘Star Birth’!

    Flareon/Vespiquen is back! If only it did twice as much damage to be back on their same power level and had a Battle Compressor-like card to be able to build up enough of that damage.
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    Tornadus, Floatzel, and Buizel Revealed from ‘Star Birth!’

    For control, potentially. But Brilliant Stars might as well be named Brilliant Stalls with how much support it gives for stall archetypes. And it's not just tools for Togekiss decks.
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    Tornadus, Floatzel, and Buizel Revealed from ‘Star Birth!’

    Azumarill doesn't have any way to loop removing energy from play. Floatzel does, for 1 energy. We have Slurpuff right now but that requires two energies, and even with Glimwood Tangle in play (which means you can't be using Galar Mine), it still recovers an average of less than two cards per...
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    Electric/Grass Hisuian Voltorb Revealed!

    This new Pokédex entry doesn't retcon anything. Hisuian Voltorb doesn't exist in any other region, and if people barely know about other regions at all, why would a Poké Ball company in Kanto or any other region know what a Voltorb is? A few could've hitched a ride on a boat at some point across...
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    Aggron VMAX and Granbull V from ‘Start Deck 100’ Revealed!

    Vitality Band and Zigzagoon by the time the other VMAXs rotate (most of which are far superior to Aggron), and getting 5 energies on an Aggron is just not feasible without some major boost to energy acceleration in the format. Kingler could be an interesting gimmick but likely won't see play...