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    “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” Announced! Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly!

    Graphics don't look great and I'm not a fan of the player character designs at all, but if it plays more like Legends Arceus it should be fun at least.
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    Netflix Launching Collectibles Show Featuring the Pokemon TCG: Call For Entries!

    Beyond disappointed in PokeBeach for giving this garbage free promotion.
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    New Layout and Forums Launched, Hacking Updates, and Some Help Needed!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work you do, the new layout looks great!
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    'Battle Style' is March's Set, Introduces New Single Strike and Rapid Strike Cards!

    Really love the Tyranitar and Empoleon, hope we keep getting stuff that great. Could that person have found a worse angle for the Octillery picture? :p
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    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    It's actually 望遠 - bouen, so the card is probably called Telescopic Scope or something along those lines
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    'Trainer's Toolkit' and 'Premium Figure & Pin Collection' Releasing in June!

    Unfortunate that this will probably never be available for MSRP
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    'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

    Gonna have to import the Marnie stuff! Zarude is pretty cool, interested to learn more about Amazing Rares. The art and card style is cool at the very least!
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    Galarian Slowbro Revealed, New 'Sword & Shield Expansion Pass' Trailer!

    Ho-oh is a transliteration of Houou which is the Japanese name for the mythological fenghuang/chinese phoenix. It's the same name, the english is just stylized in a way that native english speakers can easily understand and pronounce it.
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    Onix-GX, Starmie-GX and More Revealed from 2 New 'Trainer Battle Decks'!

    The Misty stuff is GORGEOUS, including that new card! And Starmie doesn't seem half bad
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    Secret Rare Versions of Tag Team Pokemon-GX Revealed!

    3/4 done by artists I already collect, what a treat!
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    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    Link the boxes with no FA shiny? Because that's literally not supposed to be possible. Don't have to exaggerate or bend the truth to make this set not worth buying with how bad the real ratios already are.
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    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    Welp. The possibility of only ONE non-GX shiny per box killed all my excitement for this set... Way to bring an easy home-run down to a likely distribution disaster, Pokemon.
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    'GX Ultra Shiny' Pack Featuring Shiny Pokemon, Worldwide Card Legality After All?!

    It's official, this set is incredible. The artwork for every single non-GX shiny is BEAUTIFUL, and while I can understand people not loving how the GXs look, I enjoy them. Pokemon has continuously stepped up since the beginning of the Sun & Moon sets and this is a great way to cap off 2 years of...
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    News Tapu Lele-GX in 'Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection' This Fall!

    At least there's value outside of just the packs so it's not as bad as it could be. Definitely a questionable decision tho.