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    Tell the truth are you a nerd

    I personly prefer geek, but yes, I'm a nerd. I spend all my time on the computer or playing video games, I get best grades in my class, I'm a class clown, and I'm also kinda popular. As Hannah Montana would say "I got the best of both worlds!"
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    Official Media Topic - Post ALL videos here, Youtube or not. is the funniest website EVER!!!
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    Pokemon Where would you live????

    I'd live either in Sunnyshore (just a plain awesome city) or Veilstone (game corner AND mall!)
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    The New Crimson Red DS Lite

    Man that is HAWT, and I have an ugly navy blue old one.
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    Finished Rank The User Above You

    10/10 cuz I like ketchup
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    Which Movie had the Best.....

    Best Storyline: pokemon 2000 most boring storyline: Destiny Deoxys Best Evil Villian: Mewtwo Best Evil Plot: Pokemon Heros Most Adventurest: Pokemon 2000
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    Up coming games of 07.

    I think it is 2008, but I probley won't get it anyway because I didn't enjoy the first mystery dungeon.
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    Up coming games of 07.

    Dragon Rider Of PokeBeach, Zack and Wiki is a point and click adventure game here's a link about the it:
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    Up coming games of 07.

    I want a lot of games for only having a wii and ds, but... Super Mario Galaxy (wii)* Dewy's Adventure (wii) MySims (wii) DDR: Hottest Party OR Guitar Hero 3 (wii)* Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (wii) NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (wii) Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 (wii)* Zack & Wiki: Quest...
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    the wrong answer game!

    peanutbutter??? Are sigs pigs?!
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    Pokemon TTTT (The Top Twelve Types)

    1.Dragon 2.Steel 3.Dark 4.Ice 5.Ghost 6.Water 7.Fire 8.Rock 9.Fighting 10.Psychic 11.Grass 12.Electric
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    Ichiro Suszuki signed on to 5 more years with the seattle Mariners/ Ken Griffy Jr.

    Yes! I love Ichiro! He's an amazing player, and I live in Seattle! The Mariners are doing much better this year than last year.
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    Mario Kart Wii

    I probley get it if it's good, I need racing game for my wii.
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    Wayside is a good children's book, but a bad tv show, and d&j is the best nick show.