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  • I have to say, now I see why you love Born This Way so much. I managed to get a copy and it's so much better than The Fame. I can always trust a Gagaholic's advice! :)
    Kay, may I ask what that is in your avatar? Is it a screenshot of a game....maybe? (Fossil Fighters? Possibly? Maybe? I don't think so, but It's worth asking anyway)
    Well, it was true that you were an excellent question-answerer. (I also Pm'd the same mod I PM'd before to ask if it could be archived).
    I see. Shame, it was so good. Definitely worth the time! ;)
    Glad that the end result benefitted me, though. :D As I would be.
    paddy185, Really? Ok, thanks, I'll check it out!
    EDIT: Great! :) I did it! Thanks for organising it - it was an amazing thread!
    Congrats, you've almost made 1000 posts! I only recently passed the mark. Hopefully you'll update your bio soon - it seems like you haven't trained your team in a while, or you just haven't bothered much with profile stuff! ;D
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