Nothing too much to say, really. I'm a 30 year old who has spent the past 17 years following Pokémon (Being a Brit, we got it a year after the states :p)

I'm a casual VG player - I've got no real skill with EV training so I mainly play for fun. The TCG I play a little more competitively, but due to having to be back and forth between the UK and Ireland a lot, I've never had a chance to try for tournaments (I was called to Nationals once, but due to timing I couldn't attend @_@). Every now and then I tend to buy some plushies online, usually of my favourite Pokémon.

Pokémon aside, I'm also a story writer - I do some short ones from time to time, either based around animal transformation or adventure stories. I'm a gamer, so I do spend a bit of my free time glued to a console or PC.
May 7, 1986 (Age: 38)
United Kingdom/Ireland
Pokémon (of course XD), My Little Pony FIM, Skylanders to name a couple. An avid gamer and a story writer
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