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Jan 13, 2018
Jan 17, 2013
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Aug 12, 1995 (Age: 24)
Assistant manager, Vocalist, YT gamer

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Haunted Water

DEFT Lunar, Male, 24, from Michigan


show of hands who here plays mafia and is a fan of the avatar last airbender series Jan 10, 2018

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Jan 13, 2018
    1. TwistedTurtwig
      I saw your message in the WW thread. I'm sorry that your friend's situation was drastic enough to come to that. I know you're not a religious person, but I'll keep their family in my prayers and thoughts and all that.
    2. Equinox
    3. Camoclone
      [quote='Haunted Water' pid='2686084' dateline='1418061295']
      Hey guys, I'm back. I apologize for my sudden unplanned absence, as a friend committed suicide Wednesday night. I'm going to compile what happened over the night, then update fully tomorrow.

      I'm very sorry for your loss.
    4. TwistedTurtwig
      Hey, you might want to confirm your participation by liking the post in Luispipe's WW so that you're in the game.
    5. Equinox
      [b]Haunted Water[/b], Who did you see?
    6. TwistedTurtwig
      I would, but apparently you like to STAB people in the BACK with a SWORD

      ...so yeah, I'll send it your way as soon as I find it.
    7. Teal
    8. Equinox
      [b]Haunted Water[/b], Loooooooooool King810, I've heard a nice little bit on them, all of it being negative. Also Erra came out with a new EP! It sounds AMAZING, even though they have a new vocalist, it's really good. You ever heard of the band Toothgrinder? Shit is gnarly
    9. Equinox
      [b]Haunted Water[/b], Work and school, which makes me drool. Lol other than that, listening to music constantly, and, I finally got back on PB forums for the first time in...forever lol. Whatcha been up to? ALSO GET PB CHAT BACK UP
    10. Equinox

      also o/ it's been a long time since we've last talked!
    11. Haunted Water
      Haunted Water

      oh god.
      Hold on, I must dolo a bit before convincing myself to play /that/ game again.
    12. TwistedTurtwig
    13. Ice Espeon
      Ice Espeon
      Soul Silver.
    14. Keeper of Night
    15. Drohn
      Soul Silver.
    16. Haunted Water
      Haunted Water
      I'm thinking of doing (and hoping to complete) a CMT run of another game.
      However, I cant decide between SS and Blue. My task for you, my humble profile viewers, is to leave a comment on whichever version you want to see. At the end of the 2nd November weekend (Nov 9), I will go through with whichever one is voted on more.
    17. Celever
      [b]Haunted Water[/b], I won't be alone; you and Drohn will be there! ;)
    18. Celever
      [b]Haunted Water[/b], oh :(

      Is there a death chat or something? :]
    19. Celever
      Hey, didn't I only die twice? So I should be on my last life D:
    20. Luispipe8
      Well, there's no Arcanine in the current format, but a Gengar deck might be doable as a fun deck after Phantom Forces' release.
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    Aug 12, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Assistant manager, Vocalist, YT gamer
    Vegging... You know, to get away from adulting.
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    I pwned three n00bs in a row over Wi-Fi once, if that counts.
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    Generation Started:
    This is my bio! There are many like it, but this one is mine! I'm known as Haunted Water here and on Psypoke. I have a unique personality, and you could always pick me out in the crowd. I have an odd sense of humor (namely sarcasm, irony, satire, etc), but a sense of humor nonetheless. If you want to get to know me, feel free to message me. I don't bite!

    I started playing around '99, and I first picked it up by playing my brother's Red. Thirty minutes later, I gave it back to him saying, "Your Venusaur sucks. It fainted!" About six months or so later, he gave it to me when he got LoZ OoA, and that is why I love Blastoise and hate Venusaur. He took his Red back when Gen II came out. Then, I got Blue as he got Silver. After Gen II, I fell in love with the franchise too much. In 2004, I was suspended for threatening the class asshole with a Pokémon card of Pikachu. I didn't even threaten him, it was one of those innocent questions. The kid didn't have to be an ass about it! Nevertheless, my parents banned Pokémon from me. No more anime, no more games, no more Pokémon merch except for the ones I already had. So I missed Gens III and IV because of this.
    Black brought me back, and brought me into the forums, too (That's why I was originally called Samurott in Psypoke). That's pretty much it.
    Favorite Pokémon:

    Forum Life:
    [13:03] <DNA>: "The lynch machine broke."
    So, on the forums, I tend to be shy around staff. This is because when I first signed up at Psypoke, I wasn't given a warm welcome from the staff. Since it was my first forum I was a member on, it tainted my view, so to speak. I love to play Werewolf, admittedly though, I'm more of a host or a town seer than anything else. I tend to have the worst times being a wolf.
    ^Because I always go out during a scumhunt.

    Friends list:
    ChillBill [aka Chaos Jackal]: (The lone rebel/Super Greek Awesomeness.)
    So, I first met CB before either of us were members here. It was... September or October of 2012, and he started posting regularly on the Psypoke forums. We didn't really identify with each other until November, when we both became members of an RP on Psypoke. I apparently annoyed the crap outta him at first (shocker. i mean, me... annoying? srsly, unheard of), but once I joined here, we've bonded and I've come to enjoy his existence on the internet. Mostly because we've found a common... Enemy? No, more like a nuisance. We've found a common nuisance.

    DNA: (No, you're a butt, HauntedWater)
    DNA is somebody who've I come to know as two-sided. He is hilarious, and a trollmeister, but he isn't so bad once you troll him back a couple of times. He's like a Hippogriff; you must beat him at his own game whilst showing respect. There are a small amount of lines he sees, and even then, he is lenient to abide by them. Don't take my bitterness toward him as resentment or anything; he's a cool guy. Just don't act stupid or get on his bad side.

    Drohn: (the butt-dex creator)
    Drohn is one of the other European I'm friends with, bringing the total up to 4 (YEE-HAW). He is always on chats and is always one that I can talk to. He is a good friend to have, and an interesting person. He also likes Generator Rex, so he's an official bamf for that.

    Equinox: (huehuehue)
    My first time I've ever talked to Equinox, it was after his demodding and it was about Enter Shikari. This guy has great taste in music, and is a very interesting person. His avatar and sigs are only matched by that of Some Loser's. His personality kind of parallels mine in a sense that it seems like he is very laid back and stuff. I guess. I've only known for a month at the time I'm writing this, so it was an attempt.

    gamefreak33797: (Bearded hi-jinks of yes)
    I call him Gardy because that's his name on chats and it's much better than gamefreak2589648487463123189894358731487 or whatever it is. He's awesome, as he mirrors me like a twin. The only difference is that he doesn't come on chats as often as he used to. I can guarantee it would be glorious when he actually does. He just lurks a lot. He's awesome though. And hilarious.

    King Arceus: (The Leader of Arceus)
    KA is one of the greatest staff members I've ever known. He is an excellent coder and I tend to go to him whenever I need advice. He's a cool guy, just meet him on your terms, not his. He's scary when he's disappointed.

    Guts: (It's true. He is Super Sand Lesbian!)
    I've known this guy as a gamer rotb. He made a comment on my usertitle that I got from a flawless S&D round in CoD BO2, and it just spiraled out from there. We basically bonded (that sounds gross, I know) by talking about Dead Space 3 and stuff. I have yet to face him in a match or at least play a match with him because I have problems with wifi. That's all I can really say about him, because trying to describe his wackiness would leave me dead inside because it's god level.

    TwistedTurtwig: (dat ass bot)
    <twistedturtwig> ...I read it as "dat ass bot"
    So, he is a DNA trolling recruit. He... Oh god. The two of us used to troll the shit out of each other at once, until he accused me of cyber-bullying and I was like, "Bro, you don't even know what it's like for me!" He is a funny guy, though. And smart. I don't have much to say about him, but he stands out easily in a crowd, and he's someone who I have found that can always make me laugh. To put simply, take my brand of comedy, make it a little bigger boundary-wise, add in DNA's intelligence, subtract some because we don't want Mary Sues, and throw it into a mixing pot. That's how you make a twistedturtwig, ladies and gents!

    Below you'll see a bunch of quotes from chats, be it from Skype, PB, or other places. I frequent the chats a lot, so you'll find me there often. We used to use an irc chat but did away with it.
    Obligatory chat quotes

    <HauntedWater>: omg I have this stupid ad that says "YOU HAVE MAIL" and dings everytime I mouse over it. Solution: Eat the family of the guy who designed it.
    <Tsoliades>: cannibalism is ALWAYS an option

    <gamefreak33797>: i know American Sign Language.
    <SheNinja>: please
    <SheNinja>: ASL is cool
    <gamefreak33797>: i know
    <Drohn>: ASL?
    <Drohn>: What is ASL?
    <HauntedWater>: age/sex/location
    <gamefreak33797>: American Sign Language
    <SheNinja>: american sign language >_>
    <SheNinja>: lol HW
    <DNA>: gamefreak wins
    <Drohn>: Ah lol
    <DNA>: HW receives a consolation prize

    <HauntedWater>: <DNA>: the peasants always lose
    <HauntedWater>: I'M BEING REPRESED
    <DNA>: <3
    <HauntedWater>: GRAH FILTHY PEASANT!
    <HauntedWater>: Did anyone just hear that?
    <DNA>: you saw him repressing me didn't you

    <HauntedWater>: i tend to not try to think about womens periods
    <DNA>: I try to think more about commas instead.
    <HauntedWater>: good boy
    <HauntedWater>: as long as they're not...
    <HauntedWater>: men's commas
    <DNA>: dammit hw

    <SheNinja>: i think that dna is my bismuth, technetium, and hydrogen
    <SheNinja>: BIsmuth TeChnetium and Hydrogen
    <DarkVoid>: no
    <DarkVoid>: once you start with the chemistry jokes
    <DarkVoid>: you never stop
    <DarkVoid>: just barium now

    <dmaster>: definitely the master of giving d

    <HauntedWater>: I feel like an a-hole now
    <Teal>: (Tropical Explosions, I just wrote the "X" you you get it)
    <PineappleX>: XD
    <Teal>: lol haunted
    <PineappleX>: Yeah I know, I'm just not sure if Haunted is intelligent enough xD
    <Teal>: and Flyffel is the best username, right? ;3
    <Teal>: => set making
    <HauntedWater>: bitch, I will school you
    <PineappleX>: Pineapple X is. :3
    <HauntedWater>: with math
    <HauntedWater>: like
    <PineappleX>: Ok
    <HauntedWater>: 1 + 2 = 3
    <PineappleX>: I'm bad at maths.
    <HauntedWater>: OHHHHHHHH
    <HauntedWater>: WHAT?
    <HauntedWater>: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
    <PineappleX>: Oh my god that was so complicated.
    <HauntedWater>: hey guess what
    <HauntedWater>: 2 + 2 = 4 OHHHH

    <James86134>: ... Haunted, you should my name is Lachlan, just like yours is Tyler <---- Stalker
    <HauntedWater>: you stalker
    <gamefreak33797>: Whoa bro...
    <HauntedWater>: I will end you
    <gamefreak33797>: How long have you been on this site?
    <James86134>: You DA
    <James86134>: You said it at... I can't mention it in the Name Thread -.-
    <HauntedWater>: how you've com to know my name
    <HauntedWater>: is unimportant
    <HauntedWater>: what you've done
    <gamefreak33797>: Exactly
    <James86134>: What is important!
    <HauntedWater>: is leaked important info to somebody
    <gamefreak33797>: Food...
    <HauntedWater>: who shouldn't know
    <James86134>: ... Its your first name, what are they going to do, track you down and stab you?
    <gamefreak33797>: Yes
    HauntedWater glares at gamefreak
    gamefreak33797 glares at HW.
    <James86134>: I doubt Gamefreak could track you down with one name, its not like he knows what state you're in...
    <HauntedWater>: <James86134>: I doubt Gamefreak could track you down with one name, its not like he knows what state you're in...
    <gamefreak33797>: You obviously don't know me James.
    <HauntedWater>: LOL
    <HauntedWater>: THE IRONY
    <James86134>: What?
    <HauntedWater>: he knows wher I live
    <HauntedWater>: well
    <HauntedWater>: state-wise
    <gamefreak33797>: And he knows where I live.
    <gamefreak33797>: State wise.
    <James86134>: ... Oh... Well, you're screwed
    <gamefreak33797>: I don't kill people.
    <HauntedWater>: >implying I dont
    <HauntedWater>: >...
    <HauntedWater>: >good, he suspects nothing

    <Haunted Water>: my friend just said someone was screaming and banging really loudly on his door
    <Haunted Water>: i asked if he sure it wasnt a couple having really intense sex lol
    <TheNyanCatXD>: ... on his door?
    <Haunted Water>: why not
    <TheNyanCatXD>: I like your argument

    <PokeMasterFini>: My dog is not a cashew thank you very much

    <Haunted Water>: i can taste the salt i thic shex mix

    <rainyman123>: Can the sea even wrestle?
    <HauntedWater>: yes
    <HauntedWater>: be scared
    <rainyman123>: :0
    <rainyman123 scared
    <HauntedWater>: how do you think people drown
    <HauntedWater>: my chokehold is legit boi
    rainyman123 runs


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