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  • Halcyon, for composing originals? FL Studio, but I've not done it myself =x I get my off-vocals from Nico and Piapro most of the time. There is a free demo of VOCALOID3+Mew that lasts 14 days if you're interested, or you could always try UTAU o3o
    Halcyon, ohh, the usage? Yeah, I find it harder to use than UTAU, mainly because it's harder to tune with it, but that might be because I'm used to the UTAU way of doing things :p I do know of a plugin that lets you do pitchbends like UTAU, so if I get the full editor, I'll probably end up using that xD
    Thanks for the Froakie and Riolu ^^

    And that battle...Your Ferrothorn was annoying me sooo much xD
    I might have pretty pokes, but they're not really good for battes like these. And I have a lot to learn. I did have fun though! I'm glad you were online when I was, even though it was well past midnight :p
    Halcyon, I've always wanted to start with Treecko, so Mega Scep made me want to do so more o3o
    I hear you can get the IA/IA ROCKS Bundle on Amazon JP and have it forwarded cheaper than by ordering from Amazon US, but it literally is Run Installer>You have VOCALOID3.
    Halcyon, I'm probably gonna start with Treecko, I have a whole team planned out O u O I think I might see if I can get the IA bundle for christmas or something, it's not that expensive and includes the full VOCALOID3 editor.
    You know what I just noticed? You're four years older than me. As in, EXACTLY four years :U
    Halcyon, I tend to like UTAU Covers more than originals for some reason, like, they do it better or something xD For Ritsu it must be Kyaami's cover of "+REVERSE" with him (Gee, I'm so mainstream) and for Tei it'd be the cover of "Q" :p I recorded it (CVVC is pain eAe) but I'm trying to get a friend to oto it but he's not doing it because British accents are evil or something o3o
    Hi, looking to add you for friend safari. My FC is 4871-5450-8810. Let me know.

    I swear I replied yesterday o3o
    I like Ritsu and Tei the most for UTAU, but they're all good. I'm recording my own Voicebank soon! Also, Zunko got a demo, so I'm gonna try that o3o
    Yea, I'm glad they have subtitles. I really need them sometimes. Not that it makes the song less awesome, though. I still love it! Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes! :D I'm glad you enjoyed the video. :)
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