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    All 71 ‘Dark Phantasma’ Cards Revealed!

    Radiant Hisuian Sneasler's placement in the set is weird. It's placed where it would be if there was a Sneasel in the set, rather than the usual rule of cross-gen relatives being sorted based on their Nat Dex number if they appear alone. On an unrelated note, I'm predicting an Enamorus V...
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    First ‘Pokemon GO’ TCG Cards and Products Revealed!

    Oh hey, it's the first time an Alolan form has appeared in the SWSH era, right?
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    ‘Dark Phantasma’ Set Featuring Hisuian Zoroark Revealed!

    I noticed the 2 VSTARs are 2/3 of the alpha Pokemon you have to fight at the lakes. I wonder if we'll get an Overqwil V.
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    ‘VSTAR Universe’ Trademark Filed for Pokemon TCG!

    If all of the Nobles get VSTARs, it would be cool if Hisuian Electrode VSTAR is the poster boy of Paradigm Trigger and Electrode actually gets a powerful chase card that isn't just a suicidal Energy accelerator.
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    Summer’s “League Battle Decks” Revealed!

    Wow, that's nice. On a somewhat related note, it just occurred to me that we still don't have unfused or single prize cards for these 3 Pokemon.
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    VMAX Pokemon Are Returning to Sets: Heatran VMAX Revealed!

    Maybe Melmetal VMAX will be in the Go set since that kinda is Melmetal's game.
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    “Time Gazer” and “Space Juggler” Sets Officially Revealed!

    That's a really nice touch. Maybe we'll also get Porygon-Z and Weavile (perhaps with Sneasler in the opposite set).
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    “Lost Origin,” August’s SWSH11 Set!

    Should be obvious who will get a Supporter card and/or Character Rare in this set.
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    Kleavor and Wyrdeer not having the Hisuian label is what I expected since they're just old fashioned cross-gen evos. I'm mostly curious if they're gonna call White Striped Basculin "Hisuian Basculin" and as a result its evo would be called "Hisuian Basculegion." Also, is the Pokedex flavor text...
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    “Battle Legion” Special Set Revealed, Introduces New “Sparkling Pokemon!”

    The fact that they didn't show the booster pack art + that supposed leak of Sword & Shield 10 booster box art floating around has me suspect that this set will feature
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    ‘Paradigm Trigger’ Trademark Filed for the Pokemon TCG!

    Isn't Darkrai VSTAR known to be a promo? Maybe Dark Phantasm is actually for Hisuian Zoroark. As for Incandescent Arcana I could see that being
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    Rockruff and Boltund V Character Rares Revealed!

    Is this the first time Sonia's been shown having a Boltund?
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    Several More Character Rares Revealed from ‘VMAX Climax!’

    Hoping for a Milotic V CSR with Wallace, Cynthia, Lusamine, or Oleana.