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    1. grantm1999
      I'm not going to send until you respond to my PM :P
    2. MountainDrew
      Are you going to Reading,PA Battle Road?
    3. Eevee
      Can I borrow a Mewtwo EX from you at Rockville BR?
    4. Nengeni
      [b]Glace[/b], I'll have a response to you by Sunday night. Sorry for the wait.
    5. MountainDrew
      No too long of a drive. Are you going to Reading or York battle roads?
    6. Nengeni
      [b]Glace[/b], I think I already mentioned this, but I'll have a response on Wednesday. I have exams Monday/Tuesday so I'm pretty busy :D
    7. Bo$$_89
    8. MountainDrew
      Are you going to the frederick,MD battle roads next week?
    9. Nengeni
      Let me check which are mint, and then I'll PM you a starting price. We can negotiate from there.
    10. Teal
    11. iisnumber12
      no, why would i?
    12. Nengeni
      [b]Glace[/b], You just want the Lv. X's, Primes, Legends, etc.? Are there any rares / trainers / misc. from RR - CoL that you want?

      I'll type up what I have over the next few days and send it to you.
    13. Nengeni
      Sorry if I'm a little impatient, but I was just wondering what amount you were looking to purchase? I have all my cards stored in binders and sleeves, and after I know what you're looking for I can make sure I can find it.
    14. Nengeni
      [b]Glace[/b], Send me a PM, but how much are you willing to spend? I have a lot.
      Whatever we decide to do, however, is going to have to wait until June 5th. That's when my exams finish.
    15. Nengeni
      [b]Glace[/b], I don't think I'm authorized to sell on here, so we'll have to use ebay or something?
    16. Afro-G
    17. Machamp The Champion
      Machamp The Champion
      [b]Glace[/b], Well, there were only 5 seniors (1 of which joined in later), so we got mixed in with masters. I was playing Ray/Eels with heavy Keldeo/Float Stone as well as Pokemon Center. I faced Michael and Chris Kelly the first 2 rounds, then I beat 3 Masters in a row, then round 6 I scooped to my friend because I was guaranteed first place anyway. All the masters were down-pairs by the way, lol.

      I got really lucky in a lot of my games. Michael used all his Catchers really early, and after he missed a Deck and Cover, I got the Rayquaza train going. I went down 4 prizes to Chris, but he ran out of Catchers and I used Max Potion twice with Dowsing Machine to give me enough time to win (by the way, Absol's really annoying if you suck). Round 4 was against Plasma, but he dead drew. And Round 5, I faced Mewtwo/Eels, which got 8 Energy AND an Eviolite on there Mewtwo, lol.

      And Ishaan got 4th lolololololol
    18. RogueChomp
      Howd you do today?
    19. alex
      [b]Glace[/b], Just wondering, how much were you going to offer for them?
    20. alex
      [b]Glace[/b], It's still a great deal. In total everything is probably around 200-300 dollars.
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