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    News Zeraora and Shiny Poipole Promos at Gamestop This Fall, Zeraora Download in October?

    it would be the equivalent - like in Australia it would be EBgames
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    New Eeveelution-GX Tins in September, 'Dragon Majesty' Elite Trainer Box!

    Glaceon's artwork is too cute to be true. I will buy the card when the tin comes out.
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    'GX Ultra Shiny,' Japan's Massive November Set!

    Battle Chatelaine? Evelyn I am on my way
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    News 'Lost Thunder,' America's November Set!

    With SM4, a smaller set, they lowed the pull rate. So I assume this time, the pull rate will be increased. XD
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    News 'Lost Thunder,' America's November Set!

    I hope you find your thunder in the next set.
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    SM7 'Celestial Storm' Revealed!

    Can't even throw in some rare candies?
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    'Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks' Announced!

    Hello Pokemon company, I made it more clear by saying: A majority of 'Tournament-level Trainer cards' in these decks, will be rotated out of the standard, format by 1st September this year. You are welcome.
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    SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

    Meloetta not very good, but nice art-work, I am happy. New Kirlia will replace sm3 kirlia. One eye bird GX has an insane ability, we will rely on non-GX mon very much now. A few abilities and attacks? with fairy charm but no. Looks like the 'power-up' for fairies from this whole-set are just...
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    'Dragon Majesty Special Collections - White Kyurem-GX or Salamence-GX' in November!

    Salamance is my buddy..But I don't really want to buy the box.. Maybe I will just buy them single..
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    SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

    Future Moon Ball grab 1 fairy mon and 1 fairy energy
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    News Tapu Lele-GX in 'Island Guardians-GX Premium Collection' This Fall!

    Finally they are doing the right thing! This is great for every ptcg player. They probably can tell some of us are refusing to buy any packs, just go singles. Because Japan has a GX per pack thing and re-prints of Tapu lele.
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    SM7a 'Fairy Rise' Announced!

    Gardevoir!!! These cards all look really good for fairy decks
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    'Dragon Majesty: Ultra Necrozma Figure Collection' Announced!

    I think I saw a French one like that earlier, It's sad to see some of my friends can't get into competitive play because they don't have Leles.