Galaxy Hunter
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Jun 2, 2016
Nov 30, 2013
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Mar 28, 1993 (Age: 27)
The West, USA

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Galaxy Hunter

Shiny Mega Quest!, Male, 27, from The West, USA


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Jun 2, 2016
    1. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      Yup, max Sp. Attack and Speed with the rest in HP
    2. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      Thank you as well ^_^
    3. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      My ign is Mason.
    4. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      Yah you're still on my list
    5. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      I think we should be, what was your 3DS name??
    6. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      I'll be ready in a few minutes
    7. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      sure I'll clone it and message you tomorrow.
    8. King Xerneas
      King Xerneas
      I saw you had a 6IV Shiny Trevenant Clone, does a flawless 5IV Shiny Greninja clone sound good to you??
    9. Axell Starr
      Axell Starr
      Sorry, if you sent me a trade request in the past 10 minutes, I didn't receive it. my internet died. >.>
    10. Chespin777
      Hi added the other FC you suggested, I'm online now, I suppose we can trade now, here's my FC: 1306-6329-4221 add me.
    11. Sevalbar
      Can we trade now? Sorry for any delay :/
    12. Sevalbar
      If I dont get online on time, can we do the trade tomorow please?
      Im going out tonight with my friends and I dont know if Im going to get home on time :/
    13. Sevalbar
    14. Sevalbar
      Sorry GH but I have to go. Can we trade tomorow at 9 am GMT? I will be on that time. Promise.
      Thanks for understanding.
    15. Sevalbar
      READY!!! Thank you for waiting!
    16. Sevalbar
      Ready to trade! Sorry I'm late :P
    17. Icy875
      Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    18. Shining Goodra
      Shining Goodra
      [b]Galaxy Hunter[/b], it's ok, I'd honestly go with protect and leftovers if you're going to run rock polish.
    19. Shining Goodra
      Shining Goodra
      Am I trading the correct robert?
    20. Shining Goodra
      Shining Goodra
      [b]Galaxy Hunter[/b], I'm on now
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    Mar 28, 1993 (Age: 27)
    The West, USA
    I like running, hiking, skiing, etc. Not much else needs to be said.

    I'm a writer; I need to resume writing about my Ruby Nuzlocke Challenge.
    Friend Code(s):
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • VG Player
    • Competitive VG Player
    • Episode Watcher
    Generation Started:
    I'm currently in college studying atmospheric science, and I hope to one day work for NASA or a private space company. My dream is to visit space eventually.

    I started Pokémon with Crystal Version and never missed a game since, X and Y are my favorite games thus far.

    Current SoulSilver Nuzlocke run:
    Virgil (Quilava) Lvl 14
    Doc (Beedrill) Lvl 11
    Beatrice (Sentret) Lvl 10
    Johnson (Geodude) Lvl 11
    Slipstream (Pidgey) Lvl 11
    Christina (Gastly) Lvl 6

    So far so good...

    Something truly funny: during the course of breeding for my competitive Espeon, I hatched a male Eevee with 6IV's (wrong nature and ability though). Since then he's directly or indirectly contributed his genes to most of my competitive Pokemon. I nicknamed him "All-Father".

    Oh, and this Generation, I absolutely HATE Aegislash. HATE IT!


    Pokemon Y Friend Code: 1907-9891-2443 (Dark-Type Friend Safari: Sandile, Pawniard, and Inkay)
    Pokémon X Friend Code: 3239-2847-9694 (Psychic-Type Friend Safari: Abra, Gothorita, and Espurr) LIST IS FULL
    IGN: Robert

    GH's Custom-Order Pokémon Trading Thread!

    Living Pokédex: Complete
    Forme Differences Living Pokédex: Complete
    Gender Differences Living Pokédex: Complete
    Let me know if you need help completing your Pokédex!
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