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    Writing [Fan Article] Rayquaza VMAX - Can a broken card be good for the metagame?

    I am quite sure that this Rayquaza would be quite good in the standard format and I don't think that it would be 'too slow'. Rapidash V could be a threat but mad party is going to be totally destroyed by the new Spiritomb. Yeah, it's like the Pokemon company really really hates single prize...
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    TCG Fakes Neo Destiny Revival

    Dude, these cards are undeniably the best vintage fakes I have stumbled across and I really love how you revive the Neo Destiny expansion. The artwork that you use really fits well with the card template and the cards just look so exquisite as a whole. All cards have interesting effects...
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    TCG Fakes Sun & Moon: Aberrant Echoes

    Wow! I really like the backstory, it somehow makes the cards spring to life! Looking forward to more!