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  • Hey! Just double checking: you didn't receive the CoroCoro with Pyroar yet, right? I still have 2 of them here. I'm almost sure one of them is yours, but wanted to double check just in case so I don't ship it to the wrong person. :p
    Hey! I added some new pictures to my album. They have some FIFA Pikachu things. Mugs, notebooks, stickers, and pencils, and some other things. I added direct links to the FIFA merchandise on the thread! :)
    You're welcome.
    Oh, but I'm from Holland, so we're only have way through the first season at our TV.. But I do know Season Two premiered, yes. :D
    Will be looking forward to it ofcourse!
    I have to watch the Walking Dead online though..
    Hi! ^.^
    Welcome to PokéBeach! :D
    I also really like the TCG.
    And I'm a big fan of the Walking Dead and recently also started watching Bates Motel. :p
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