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    Spiritomb, Volo from ‘Dark Phantasma’

    So I know this is on me, but I never finished PLA so I had no idea Volo gets this form. Kiiiinda wish they went with his 1st look. Also I havent finished because I just like running around catching and fighting
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    Also Baby pokemon don't count for this tbh. G Mime is a basic and you cant evolve it from jr. The only babies that evolve (Not counting gen 2 and 4 tcg because its outdated) are togepi, riolu, and toxel.
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    Lol and as if it wasn't bad enough, every starter has gotten at least 1 ultra rare, except Unovan Samurott. We didnt even get emboar ex till XY for some reason
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    They arent hisuian, they evolve from kanto scyther and johto stantler into completely new pokemon. It's a new species not a variant. That would imply that there's a kantonian Klevor or a johtonian Wyrdeer.
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    Hisui Pokemon and New Character Rares Revealed for ‘Battle Legion!’

    Wyrdeer and Klevor are the same as Scizor, Togekiss, or any eeveelution past gen 1. They are a branch evolution from an existing pokemon. We havent seen one in 8-9 years and even then it was sylveon. It makes sense that they would make this move instead of making hisuian sneasles and ursarings...
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    ‘Build & Battle Boxes’ Are Changing for ‘Brilliant Stars!’

    It seems to me the only difference is 23 pack is now 40. This is so the player has variety with deck building during the prerelease. But this is also an indicator that pokemon won't chill with the mega sets any time soon. Look at the next one, its 283 cards. That's bigger than some mtg sets, and...
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    Simisear V and Marnie’s Pride from ‘Start Deck 100’

    I wonder how they decide which pokemon get V's
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    Full ‘Fusion Strike’ Set List: Largest Set in History, Contains Missing Cards!

    This is too much! There are literally MTG sets smaller than this
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    ‘Fusion Strike’ Prereleases and Build & Battle Boxes Delayed Worldwide

    Interesting how they will feature codes for TCGL, but we haven't heard anything about it since the trailer. Does anyone think they'll be compatible with TCGO
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    Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark Revealed in ‘Restored’ Footage!

    Normal/Ghost, thats cool but I think Ice/Ghost would've fit them better. The only normal part to me is that theyre the same color as a DCE
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    Pokemon Releases Scary ‘Found Footage’ of a New Pokemon

    If this game really is canon to the core series (Which it looks like it is) then it's got a lot of explaining to do: - Where did the Basculin and Braviary go? - How did scyther lose it's evolution despite being native to Sinnoh still? - If the Poketch was considered Hi-tech in 2006, then how did...
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    ‘J Balvin V’ Promo Card Revealed for P25 Music Album!

    I'm against it honestly. Kinda tired of seeing him dip his toes into everything from McDonalds to Fortnite, and now we're here. Plus as if we needed more charizard chase cards.
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    Greninja Star and Other ‘Celebrations’ Products Revealed at Trade Show!

    Has that been made an official thing? I haven't seen anything regarding any legality over Celebrations and I doubt that something as simple as cards being too weak would justify them being banned. If that were the case expanded would be a lot different considering some Stage 2's now have more HP...
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    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    I’m gonna have to disagree with ya on that one. I don’t like this oversimplification of the tcg’s types and weaknesses because I feel it dumbs down the game. A part of the fun was having pokemon with the same type but multiple weaknesses to cover each other. Back in XY you could run Gyarados...