The Advent of Fanciness is upon us.

I have returned among these sunny beaches, for its light I could not leave. My aristocratic fanciness, now is a part of your beaches, for a fancy reprieve. My main fascination is with writing, and I suppose that I wish one day it may be an occupation. But for now, I can only lay the foundation.

If you wish to know why I write, then the little perspective I can give you is that both my parents are writers. My mother is a published author while my father died before he could ever see his work or his art published. Therefore, I have taken up the pen which is mightier than the sword, and the book that is mightier than the shield; and I write in order to right the wrongs of the past: the dreams, the work, and the hours shed for words and dreams, though powerful, never realized. That's why I have this urge to write, this passion.

However, I'm still finding my edge in my writing, refining the sword inside the pen to more than just a double-edged blade, but a saber that will pierce through the walls of hearts, and that is truly the art that I invest my soul, time, and passion into.

For now, I am but an Aristocrat with Kingly dreams, armed with a book and a pen in order to seize them. Dreams although elusive, can come true. The creativity you envision, the masterpiece you see before you by way of your imagination...calls for a power equal to it, in order to bring it to existence.

I'll just sum this up and say a lot of things interest me, and I'm doing a lot of things toward those interests. From the world around you is where you derive inspiration, and inspiration can be waiting for you among everything blaring, screaming for your attention!

It can come from talking with your friends, seeing the world, gaming, school, just about anywhere. It's up to you to recognize its call, and use inspiration to create something beautiful. Whether you are a writer, artist, or maybe you don't write or draw, inspiration can still be used. It only waits...for someone with the power to bring forth life to it, and that someone, can be anyone. No matter if you think you're uncreative, unimaginative, or unable for the task. There is a way for each inspired thought, and that way demands you to realize it.

Yeah...I went off on a tangent there, didn't I? I fancily apologize.

Miscellaneous stuff...right. Well, yes I do believe in a religion. No, I don't look down on you or your differences from my beliefs, nor will I try to sway your decision upon being made-up. I trust that we all are capable of deciding for ourselves what we believe, and what we don't. We all have that right. And I find it terrible those who try to forcibly take away that right, to say that we aren't capable of deciding what we believe for ourselves. Self-determination, folks! I think we all need to keep that in mind.

Well, that is all for now about my interests. Hope you enjoyed getting to know the Fancy Aristocrat?
Jan 9, 1997 (Age: 27)
United States
I like watching anime. I am subscribed to C-roll, Funi, and Netflix. "Sub" or "Dub". ~Anime Aristocrat

I love gaming and programming languages interest me. ~Gaming Aristocrat

I love literature. although I took a leave in order to pursue original stories. ~Lit. Aristocrat
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