Hi! My name is Rick, I've been playing Pokemon ever since Pokemon Yellow was released. I only play casually, so please don't expect me to know what EV is, or how to catch shiny Pokemon, haha. It doesn't mean I love it any less than some of you hardcore gamers, I just have other things to do with my time. I only recently started playing the TCG, around the release of Furious Fists. Also a casual player when it comes to that. I have a lot of fun, and love to meet new people and compete. I'm just not crazy about always winning, it's the fun that counts for me. I love to make new friends, and exploring Los Angeles. Usually get bus passes in the Summer and go all over, walking for miles, seeing so many new things, meeting new people. I can come off as mean, but I'm just an honest person. I like to get to the point, don't like to sugar coat things. Trust me, I love people. Love to make new friends, but I'll never be a kiss @**.

That's enough about me, my favorite subject, haha.
Hope y'all can stand me long enough to be a friend.
Feb 9, 1991 (Age: 32)
Los Angeles, CA
Video games. Trading card games. Eating. Drinking. Competition. Exploring.
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Zero, nothing, nada. *tears*
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