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    Friday, 6/23, Fourteen Furthest Ends Scans and Translations

    About who might be behind it. I belive it might be SOVA member, I'm don't trust them--but I don't think any on SOVA works for Verizon. Anyone who's belive those moron 4Kids voice need to get a life. But you MIGHT just got a bit of bad luck. Like the Pokemon world, this world has it's fair shares...
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    Thursday, 5/25, Ranger Release Date, Slaking Preview, Evil Ash

    Give WPM a break. I think he/she (forget which) is a junior in high school/college. She had school/university work to do.... Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    James forgot something =P

    IndieEX has a point there.... Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    New Layout

    Now, I worried about your eposides..... Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Team Snorlax fanfic, read and learn the secret of...

    I think it's good--but it's needs work--in my not-so-humble opinon. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Discuss: Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

    I like it. It was TAJ's first time dubbing Pokemon. They will get better--hopefully--by September. I'm not listing to those liers from 4Kids. 4Kids doesn't have a Gengar of a chance of getting of the show back. The deal is with Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/TAJ are a dead deal. Deal deal is my...
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    May's eevee...?

    Don't take me serious--I'm sure that I'm 100% wrong... May has the following Pokemon her team: Combusken: Dual Fire/Fight Muchlax: Normal (It's evolves into Snorlax, doesn't it?) Squirtle: Water Now Eeve has the follow evolvations--I'm stilling with the original "eons"--I'm skiping...
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    Pokemon The Best 1-on-1 Battle!

    Gardevior vs. Alakazam -- Look as like awsome battle to me... Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    GS ball?

    It's still with Kurt in Johto, and beside GS ball was just a excuse for Ash to go to Johto. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Monday, 5/15, Better Diamond/Pearl Pics

    I'm just enter thinking mode.... What ifthe field screens are bottom screen--and the menu is at the top, but you switch screens when you feel like it. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Or in Jessie, James & Meowth's hopes, a lot of money from their bosses for a Pokemon. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Monday, 5/15, Better Diamond/Pearl Pics

    These pictures look good. Can't wait for the game. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    Discuss: Rough, Tough, Jigglypuff

    This is Jiggypuff is a new Jiggypuff, it's not the same one as the Heonn Pokemon. You see--it didn't marked Ash and company's faces when they failed asleep. Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    5/13, New Way to Watch Eps

    What in Mew does an "antstack" mean? Logging off, Dr. Thinker
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    New! Super Smash Bros. Brawl

    Since villains are usually around in Meele gangs--i.e. Bowser and Gannon. Now about Meowth for Pikachu's enemy? Meowth's movies: Entrance: Meowth's balloon (Not like the ballons in Pokemon Dash, but like the hot-air balloon in the anime) lands--and Meowth jumps off, ready to battle. B =...