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  • DNA, GAH! The music from Golden Sun is so good, has some of my favorite tracks from any game ever.
    DNA, Darn. This upcoming rotation is going to be a hard one to live with for the next season. I have been hearing rumours that they are keeping all sets with EXs s o we just have to cross our figures that the change isn't to drastic.

    Haha yeah. I heard at Nationals last year Masters had 9 rounds! And by the end you just don't even care about the game because you're so beat. Yeah you do, because there aren't a lot of seniors that I talk to where I am, I usually end up talking to Masters so I'm already friends with most of them, including David Coehn the World Champion 2 years ago!

    Haha yeah but they can usual get some of their older friends to drive them to the tourneys who actually have their licences.

    I'm trying!!! I'll think I'll be okay to go tomorrow, I'm just bummed I missed out District Meet for Track! D:
    Yes they are.

    I think I would be okay if they rotated out N but I don't think I could live if they got rid of Catchers, I think those are from the same set though, but if they did get rid of Catchers, Snipers would get a lot of play.

    Haha yeah. As Juniors you're there until you're 10ish which Juniors age range from 6-10 (because you can't really play if you're 2 haha) So that is about 5 years but as a Junior you don't really worry about strategies or all that jazz. Then seniors you're there until you're 15 for another 5 years and by then you know a lot of like percent with cards and that's how you play, with that and strategy. But once you're a master, YOU'RE ALWAYS A FREAKING MASTER!! Hahaha yeah and also with the huge mass of people in Masters you go a lot of rounds, so by your last 2 rounds you're just like "Let me go home!"

    Thanks! And I will for sure! although it is fun to miss school, I would like to get back so I don't have MORE absent work! :p
    Oh, well I hope you have fun with which ever you are going to do!

    Hahaha yeah it mostly always comes down to one card in one turn because on my Saturday match my opponent also got the card that they needed to win off of my N so I was lucky I got the catcher XP Thanks, I just need a good deck and I can cruise through tournaments. Next season is my last as a Senior if I play. I'll be starting High school so I don't know how much free time I'll have but I'll try. And Masters, I'm kind of scared to have to play against Masters!

    Yeah, but it means staying home from school!! But I do have to do make-up work, which is what I am currently working on :/ Thank you! I should be okay to play at this rate I am feeling a lot better than I was yesterday when I started taking antibiotics
    Wow sounds like you had good booster draft luck!! I couldn't make it to any sadly, but I wasn't looking for anything in Plasma Freeze anyway.

    For Battle Roads are you judging or playing? Or a little of both? :p We just finished our first weekend of Battle Roads. I was able to attend both for the weekend. On Saturday I went X-0 and got first!!! It was pretty easy until last round. I had to play one of my good guy friends (Who everyone thinks likes me :p) and It came down to me getting my last catcher out of a 2 card draw N with 10 cards in my deck. I got the catcher on the second card for game. It was pretty intense though. The judge that was watching our game (Who is friends with both me and my opponent) had to tell us to put down our cards and just take a minute to breathe because neither of us were!

    Sunday I was X-0 again until I returned from lunch then I lost one game. I finished with a 3-1 record for 3rd place. But first round I had to play one of my good friends, who is extremely good and hard to beat, and after creaming him, everyone else in my division was scared to play me XP

    Sadly I am currently ill with either Strep throat or Mono so it is uncertain whether I can play this weekend so I'm hoping I'll be well enough to.
    Oh wow, I guess I got a *really* good box this time? That black holo trainer card is weird too, guessing those are some ultra rare trainers? Im happy with that box =P I got it from playfirststore on ebay if you wanted to know! =P

    Guessing you wanted a FA Bianca for a playable tourny deck?
    LOLOLOL yep, I mean Cold Flare! x'D hahahah what the hay was I thinking! I was super excited about the gold Altaria! =D It must be hard as hell to pull a shiny out of a korean deck- 30 packs of 5 cards! I was trilled the first pack I opened had bianca FA ^-^
    oh heeheh =S Well I was still kind of a kid when I was 17! x'D She was happy regardless!

    Older? lolz I think braces make people look younger! Omg if I got braces Id look like 15!

    OMG I got my korean Flare Blitz box! I got awesome pulls! I dont have any of the newer cards, so this was a great way for me to obtain them them! =P Im not trading or selling any heehee

    DNA, And I'd be able to find a relatively good decklist somewhere? On the forums, perhaps?

    DNA, Could you give me a rough number?

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