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    PTCGO PTCGL Pack Conversion Question

    Regarding the crystal credit for unopened packs when transferring cards from PTCGO to PTCGL, what packs count? For example, do locked packs count towards the total? What about "special packs" like Pikachu Themed Avatar Boxes or Uncommon Chests?
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    Ruling Mew UNB and Phoebe

    Regarding Mew UNB and Phoebe from Battle Styles, if I play Phoebe from my hand before attacking with RS Urshifu VMAX, does GMAX Rapid Flow go through Bench Barrier?
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    Contest April 2021 CaC: Trick ((Real) Results Are Up!)

    For Sun and Moon Era:
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    Tournament SPO Online Tournament 4 - "Officially Recognized" Edition

    The last couple have been <10 participants.