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  • The cards i will trade is the one below. About 8 of them sleeping snorlax wants so i got to reserve those for him but we can trade. Oh i will tell you if you want one if sleeping snorlax wants it

    Well i have a lot more but heres the ones i have in hand: 2 Cresselia lv.x, 3 Ferraligator promo,2 ampharos prime, arceus promo lv.x, blissey prime, celebi prime,2 darkra lv.x promos, darkrai lv.x, dialga lv.x promo, dialga level.x promo ( different dialgas), empoleon lv.x, hippodon lv.x, infernape lv.x promo,kingdra prime, kyogre ultra rare, kyogre ex, landorus promo, meganium prime promo , mew prime, palkia g lv.x, raichu prime,rayquaza c lv.x, rayquaza c lv.x promo ( different rayquazas), palkia lv.x promo, reshiram fa, reshiram ex promo, salamence lv.x, shaymin lv.x promo, 2 slowking prime, thunduras fa, typhlosion prime, zekrom ex promo, top and bottom lugia legend, bottom ho-oh legend, bottom suicune and entei legend, bottom entei and raikou legend. I am trading all these tell me if you have dicebags, sleeves, and deckboxes i would trade one for one of my cards probably
    Hey dude! I can play pretty much whenever you're online. Please PM, email, or post on my profile to let me know when you can play. Also, please join my Hamachi Network so I can contact you there:
    Name: The Pok'eMaster's Tourney Partners
    Password: TCG
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