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Hey Guys, I am Darkrai
I am serious here, but I have a disturbing connection to Darkrai. This is a true story, in Februrary 2007 I saw Darkrai for the first time over the internet. Immediatly I deemed it as my favorite pokemon, that same night I had 3 nightmares in a row, none of which pertaining pokemon just disturbing nightmares that I don't feel like explaining. Now since then I have had nightmares here and there but none as disturbing as the ones I had the night I first saw Darkrai. I am serious.. he IS the bad dreams pokemon...

Ever since I am determined to protect Darkrai, learn more about Darkrai, and i'm even determined for Darkrai to be my companion whether it be real life hologram pokemon (haha) or simply in my signature. Heck, it's weird but I don't care much. He looks so cool. In my Soul Silver version I own a 2007 Darkrai released from Japan that is completely Legit and comes with the move it got from the event. (I also have a shiny one thats Hacked /w wonderguard, lol) Dark type pokemon are also my favorite type. I seem to like them the most.

I am able to battle OU it is my preferred tier just I haven't battled in a while.

I am not a scary person or anything, rather very kind and nice :) I know alot about pokemon and I have generally very interesting and (bulky) imput. So ask me something, get to know me, I feel like I offer great opinions so just ask away ^.^

P.S The Rise of Darkrai is the greatest movie ever made, literally. I reccomend watching it.Orasion :) Edit: In DP 183 there is a mysterious trainer who is using a Darkrai in the Sinnoh League Tournament - I wish that was me.

Long Live Darkrai, the Greatest pokemon ever made
- Darkrai
Jun 1, 1995 (Age: 29)
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