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    Unusual “Lost Origin” Release Date, New Booster Bundle, and New Holiday Calendar!

    Alleged leaks from 4chan: Giratina VSTAR. VSTAR, Psychic, 280HP [P][C][C] Lost Turmoil 100+ This attack does 30 more damage for each Pokémon in each player's Lost Zone. VSTAR POWER Ability: Star Abyss During your turn, you may use this Ability. Each player put Pokémon from their bench into...
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    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    I'm thinking that forretress is a better option for this deck + the new grass stadium and maybe absol. You can run scoop up to use it on forretress, which can put the damage counters again thanks to the stadium, correct me if I'm wrong in something.
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    Ancient Origins [8/15, aka Bandit Ring]

    N after rotation?