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    Standard Water-Toolbox (Seagull´s Toolbox)

    -2 great ball -1-2 lysandre -2 tierno add, N, Vs seeker, more sycamore for draw
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    Standard Water-Toolbox (Seagull´s Toolbox)

    you didnt read everything did you? he said "Note: I do not have a Shaymin or Hoopa in my possesion. Also i don´t really think you need those 2 due to the avability of Dive Balls. At least not in this deck" i would remove the great ball and add 4 dive balls instead, or 3 dive balls 1 ultra ball...
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    Media Anime That Make You Cry

    Angel BEASt, the ending made me die of tears.... Elfen lied too
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    Discussion Mega Pidgeot EX viability

    My friend at my local, paired it up with MAudino
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    Mega Blastoise - Does He Show Any Potential in the Current Meta?

    id say teching Regice is a must xD, i went to a small tournament in my city and i was agaisnt a M Sceptile deck, with M blastoise alone you can do nothing! (since weakness) he just switch back and fully heal, i beated him by only using regice (he didnt have pokemon ranger)
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    Standard Mega Pidgeot Deck

    cool deck quite like it!, for poke ranger, i rarely face people that i need to use it so as for me i removed it, but hex maniac is usefull! i was thinking of dropping 1 poke center lady if you need more mega turbo. -1 poke ranger -1 poke center lady +2 turbo or +1 turbo +1 super rod appart...
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    Mega Blastoise - Does He Show Any Potential in the Current Meta?

    ha! shaymins if you have once of course xD but as for me i am using octillery in my build since i dont have shay
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    Standard Raichu Garbordor Deck

    Target whistle is down :( no more standard
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    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    GOod idea with dragonite! ill try it when he comes out
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    Finishing a Xerneas BREAK Deck for my Girlfriend

    I would add super rod, and couple of trainer's mail, oh and vs seeker if you have some, octillery or shaymins for draw power
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    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    OH yeah, i do play it with bursting, but everytime i play it, my friends or opponent, just play lysander everytime... now i know if i burst balloon imma get lysander... otherwise i think its a good card in this deck
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    Discussion Raichu Circle Circuit Viable Still?

    I finally decided to make the deck and i made mine with Yanmega break line, 3-3 raichu pika, 4-4-3 yanmega line, with octilerry since i dont have shaymins
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    Standard Fight Alone Genesect

    i dont have all the card so i cant try it out unfortunally :( tell us how it goes!
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    Standard Fight Alone Lucario

    He was talking to TheDeckWizard74 xD
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    Standard Fight Alone Lucario

    i like it, buti dont like having talonflame, yes for starting with him its amazing, but having him dead draw late game kill me >< i hate that, so i have 3-4 unown instead it's preference but yours is good too! if you like having talonflame in it