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  • Freedomeon - it has cost me more than I wish it had haha. Collecting the English cards wasn't too hard, it was the Japanese ones that really took it out of me! I'm actually looking to sell my collection now for financial purposes.

    You can check out my sales post here

    I am willing to sell each individual section (e.g. Eevee, Jolteon, etc.) PM me if you are interested at all!
    Oh my life.
    I just checked out your Eeveelution collection, I've been out of the collecting game since Gym Heroes/Challenge. How much has your collection cost you and how hard has it been to get all the English cards?

    I noticed you're signed up for the image-based portion of Create-A-Card for this month, but I still don't have an entry from you yet (submissions are due by Sunday).
    I don't want you to forget, so I'm dropping this little reminder on your wall just in case. I look forward to seeing what you have in store!
    Sorry, I'm waiting for a few cards to arrive in my mailbox so i don't have to take the pictures again, as soon as they get in though I will take pictures and post them immediately :)
    Hi! I'm interested in checking out your Eeveelution collection. Do you have scans or a website? :eek:
    dolphinluv2010 - The non-holo version is the Japanese Jr Train Rally version. It's english, but it was only given out in Japan for an incredibly short time in 2000

    Darkvoid57 - I actually just bought an POP 5 Espeon, thanks though! I still need an Umbreon however :D

    I have a question for you,
    I was looking at your Eevee collection today and I noticed you have a WOTC Promo Eevee #11 that is non-holo?? Where did you find that?
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