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    Logan Paul’s ‘Base Set’ Case is Fake: Threats, Bribery, and Shady Behavior Down the Ladder

    Very true - people are far too quick to put the blame on Logan Paul. Even though he's far from being the good guy here, cardkahuna and his associates are much more at fault here, and Jacob's actions have been far scummier than Logan's. What's worse is that cardkahuna is allegedly a fan of...
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    New Lucario and Riolu from ‘Star Birth!’

    Rona can do the same as Lucario in expanded, except on turn 1 instead of 2, and yes without evolving a frail basic Tsareena V.... It's just one extra energy per turn nbd, and Rona and Tsareena don't even need acceleration. Lucario isn't bad, but at the same time it's far from being the good...
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    Houndoom Character Rare from ‘VMAX Climax’ Revealed!

    Don't worry, she'll speak with the manager
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    The BDIF Has Been Discovered — And It Plays Dream Ball!

    You covered a prized Dream Ball excitingly well! But what happens if Peonia is prized?
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    'Evolving Skies,' August's English TCG Set!

    If every card had the same power creep that the Blissey line has had over the years, then we could actually have a healthy game!
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    Trades & Sales W ANY bulk (Jap+WC) H PSA, Sealed Product, EX FA SR

    Hey, how much are you looking to sell the Shining Gyarados (mint right?) for? Also, your PSA 10 Regirock is English right?
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    'Pokemon Sun' and 'Pokemon Moon' Trademarks Filed!

    Pay Day Mewtwo....GG no re.
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    New Pokken Tournament Fighter to be Revealed Next Week!

    Florges...didn't we hear something about flowers a while ago?
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    Trades & Sales W ANY bulk (Jap+WC) H PSA, Sealed Product, EX FA SR

    I don't think so, sorry! :/ I was kind of hoping you'd be interested in the 3DS stuff haha
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    Trades & Sales W ANY bulk (Jap+WC) H PSA, Sealed Product, EX FA SR

    Hi, I'm interested in your Shining Gyarados, Charizards 136/135, and some other stuff, if they're all mint. Please CML if I have anything that interests you, thanks!
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    Trades [USA] Crystal Holos, 3DS, Games, and Merch for Trade!

    (I have many positive (100%) refs on Pokegym, but I know that means nothing on a different site, so I have no problem with sending first.) My haves all have the condition stated, and I ask that when making an offer, you please state the condition of your cards, unless they're Mint (which is...
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    Trades & Sales [USA] BREAK Through Update! (H) A LOT OF STUFF (W) FA and Shinies!

    Hi I'm interested in some of your old holos. Do you accept Paypal (as I hardly have anything to trade haha)?
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    Trades [USA] H: Ultra Rares Galore + More W: Lots!

    Hi, do you have any Mint/NM Shinings or Gold Stars? I have an RH Crystal Ho-Oh.
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    Trades & Sales [CANADA-WW] Bonus41's Thrifty Shop Stop

    Alright, how about this for an offer? My: Shadowless Blastoise (VG-EX) Shadowless Magneton (EX-NM) Shadowless Poliwrath (VG) Your: Espeon 1/75 1st Ed. Vaporeon 12/64 1st Ed. Jolteon 4/64 1st Ed. LMK, thanks!