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    Discussion Renting Cards for (in person) Tournaments?

    I have not been to a competitive event for a number of years but I was big into it when I was. I always had the issue of not being able to find cards for a deck and eventually having to bite the dust and paying however much to get them at a vendor. I know I would rent cards if I could, would...
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    Ruling New Talonflame and Wobbuffet

    I don't know if this has come up yet, but I couldn't find anything so I'll ask it now. With the new Talonflame from Steam Siege, If I open with it and my opponent opens with a Wobbuffet, what happens if A) I have another Pokémon on the bench B) If Talonflame is my only Pokémon in play I'm kind...
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    Ruling Ultra Ball for BREAK Card

    So ever since the BREAKthrough set has been released, I've been wandering if I could Ultra Ball for a BREAK card. It doesn't say Basic Pokémon, Stage 1, or Stage 2 anywhere on the card, just BREAK. Does this count or is it just like lv. X Pokémon.
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    Pokemon Competitors Arrested for Threatening Gun Violence at Worlds

    :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: WHAT?!?!?!
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    Expanded Accelgor / Eeveelutions / Vileplume (BCR)

    Should I just make it Accelgor with Vileplume AOR?
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    Expanded Accelgor / Eeveelutions / Vileplume (BCR)

    Pokémon: 22 4 Eevee FFI 2 Flareon AOR 2 Jolteon AOR 1 Vaporeon AOR 2 Oddish BCR 2 Gloom BCR 2 Vileplume BCR 2 Shelmet PLB 2 Accelgor DEX 3 Mew EX Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 31 4 N 3 Professor Sycamore 2 Lysandre 4 Level Ball 3 VS Seeker 3 Ultra Ball 3 Trainers' Mail 2 PlusPower 1 Startling...
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    Pokémon TCG Online Trade Thread

    PTCGO Username: chipadat Rules: None in specific. HAVES: Too much to list. Mainly Commons/Uncommons/Rares/Reverse Foil/League Promo Cards. WANTS: I'm trying to collect 4 of every card from BLW-On. I have many more cards from the newer sets such as XY-On. I'm interested in anything you have...
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    Competitive Pokemon TCG Decks Base Set-Now

    Could I have some deck lists, if that's too much work then where can I find some?
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    TCG Stories Thread

    I was at a league challenge and I was playing Toadpuff and my opponent was playing Gengar/Trevennant. I started with a Swirlix, he started with a Phantump. I went first and got the Laserbank out and passed. He literally couldn't do anything and lost the game.
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    Competitive Pokemon TCG Decks Base Set-Now

    OK, so I'm on my hunt to complete all of the world championship decks. Since I just started playing the card game a couple years ago, I really wanted to learn the older cards in a competitive perspective. But there are decks that aren't from the world championships that I would like to learn...
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    Marketplace Reputation Thread - All Reputations Go Here

    Username of other trader: @Empoleon_master Positive/Negative/Neutral: Positive Details of your experience: Though we had trouble communicating, we worked it out and the cards came in quickly and on time.
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    Alt. Format XY-On: M Sceptile EX / Shaymin EX / M Heracross EX

    -1 Virizion- You shouldn't need to worry about loosing Pokémon. Loosing energy should be a bigger concern. -2 Shaymin- Sure it's a good card but in this deck, there are cards that are needed more. -1 Evosoda- You have Giant Plant Forest and even Wally (if you want to run it) they're just more...
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    Trades [USA] H: FA Shaymin EX W: Lots!

    Sorry, since it's been a week, I got my Groudon EX, I just need a primal.
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    Trades [US Only] W: Bulk W: Metagame H: EX, FA Supporters, TSS, Packs, & Tons of ex/Lv X/Prime/Stars

    So what about uncommon's? You didn't say anything about those.
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    Trades [US Only] W: Bulk W: Metagame H: EX, FA Supporters, TSS, Packs, & Tons of ex/Lv X/Prime/Stars

    OK, so now that I get the process, I have a few thousand cards in bulk that are common, uncommon, some rare and maybe energy that are in light played-played condition. Could you do half the points that they're worth because they're not nm m or do you not even take light played-played bulk.