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  • Just wondering if you ever got a meowth after asking for it in the XY playthrough Q&A. I have a few extra eggs I could give you one of.
    Don't sweat the thread merge about your find of the 3-pack blisters, we just thought it would be a better fit in the Merchandise thread is all. :D Certainly no need to apologize. Welcome to the forums! And thanks for the high quality photos of the pin; it's super gorgeous!
    I've only been collecting cards since 2002 playing since 2004! my first game was leaf green! whats your favorite type?ChicaSkas,
    You're the only person that I know that loves Normal Type.
    Ever since X and Y were announced back in January, I've been positively giddy. I've been jumping up and down from excitement.
    My absolute favorite Pokemon is Torterra!
    I hope it gets a Mega Evolution!

    Have you gotten the Kalos Region/Xerneas/Ylveltal poster yet? It's really cool!
    You're welcome! What starters are you going to choose for XY? I'm choosing Chespin and Bulbasaur for Y and Fennekin and Charmander for X. I love Grass Type. What's your favorite type?
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