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  • Chemical, Oh man, right before the EX era. Things have certainly changed since that season. I still find the game very fun even though some people got fed up with the format. Personally I just think it's all about learning how to adapt. Sure, maybe in recent years the game hasn't been quite as skill based as it was years ago, but I've still had my share of thought intensive games.
    Chemical, Oh man, sweet! When did you stop playing? Just wondering how long it's been since you last played, what format it may have been.
    Chemical, Haha, that's helpful for getting on. I'm doing pretty well, it's definitely been a long time since we've come into contact. Back in the days of the Game Corner...memories. I've been doing well though, how about you?
    Awww yeeaahh! Another year, another birthday message for you. Happy birthday man, hope you have a great one!
    Haven't seen you around in a while... But that won't stop me from wanting to wish you a happy birthday.
    Oh, ok. I knew there would be a good reason since you loved it in yester-month.
    Chemical, no problem at all. I hope you and your family are doing okay.
    Chemical, oh my gosh -- I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle! I know we don't really know each other, but I'm here if you need anything.
    Chemical, There were 2 very noticeable (IMO) Afros at nats. Care to describe the fellow? xP
    Chemical, I honestly have no clue... I added all of the people I know that have me on their buddy lists and I knew I was on your's so yeah... I thought I did add you, but apparently not... *Adds Chemical*
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