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Dec 24, 2012
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May 22, 1996 (Age: 24)
The darkest corner of your minds.
University Student, Debater

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Chaos Jackal

Legend of the Past, Male, 24, from The darkest corner of your minds.


Until next time, if and when it happens. Jul 1, 2017

    1. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], I actually don't know who the main antagonist is. It might be him, but there seem to be a few that all work in tandem. No one of them really stands out.
    2. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], excessively excessive? You don't say :P

      Hazama is a classy guy who always goes around wearing a suit. But he feeds off people's hatred in a sense, so he does whatever he can to toy with people and make them hate him. Especially when he shows his true colors.
    3. DNA
    4. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], Hazama trolling in style much, yes?
    5. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], Kristya is a complete and utter troll
    6. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], in my signature, you mean? I already have a banner like that ready. However, I have chosen to use this one for now.
    7. Elite Stride
      Elite Stride
      Wow, I appreciate the compliment! I've been seeing you around, and I really appreciate your willingness to intelligently contribute to discussion. Welcome to the Beach! Shoot me a pm if you ever need anything, and don't be afraid to click my banner and partake in the discussions there, we could use your participation. Thanks a ton!
    8. Ice Arceus
      Ice Arceus
      [b]ChillBill[/b], thanks =)
    9. DNA
      [b]ChillBill[/b], yep! It's so I can harvest your soul, you never heard that last bit.
    10. DNA
      aw that's so sweet :D Thanks very much!
    11. DNA
      Not sure, actually. I'm poking around to find out what.
    12. DNA
      Nope, just double checking to make sure you're the same guy :D
    13. The Yoshi
      The Yoshi
      Welcome to Pokebeach! Please stay and have a good time.
    14. DNA
      ChillBill on Psypoke?
    15. Ice
      Welcome to the beach
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    May 22, 1996 (Age: 24)
    The darkest corner of your minds.
    University Student, Debater
    Freedom, women, intelligent discussions,, going out, music, reading, cars, any new knowledge
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    Top 200 in Launcher Battle Season 1, Black/White
    Reached No.12 in Smogon Ubers
    Made reqs for the Smogon Shadow Tag Suspect Test
    Friend Code(s):
    777777777777777777777777 100111000011111000000
    It's been a bit more than 3 years since I joined PB. I've been a newbie, I've been a mod, I've been a veteran, I've been respected and I've been scorned. I've changed, and so has the site. And I've now come to the point where I no longer find this a place for me. It's time to move on. Should you ever wish to contact me, my Skype's here, along with everything else I've added in this bio over the years. Hit me up with your PB nick. Farewell, and good luck. ~Thursday, January 28th 2016

    A brief return to ascertain that the past is indeed the past. The place has changed, and I have changed. I'm a stranger in a stranger land, and that's only to be expected. But still, just to see a couple familiar faces, to remember some things fondly, that brief return is worth it.~Friday, June 17th 2017

    There really seems to be nothing left here for me. Till next time, whenever or wherever that might be. ~Saturday, July 1st 2017

    The world comes from chaos, and goes on in chaos. Life and the universe seem to obey some laws, but in the end they are as uncertain as uncertain can get. The only thing we know for sure about everything is that it ends. Time waits for no one; be it man, beast or entire worlds. Life and death themselves will end along with the world, for there will be nothing left to define them. The end of our story was written the moment we were born. All we can do is use our borrowed time to its greatest potential, and live the life we're given to the fullest, for we do not know if we will ever get another chance.

    <Elite Stride>: No excuses, you should be able to control time and space.

    Hero of the night
    Blood and thunder, rushing through me
    Till the dawn of light
    The sky is turning red

    Like a renegade
    All alone I walk through fire
    Till I crash and blaze
    I'm living on the edge

    Start a chain reaction
    Sears the neon light
    Stealing all the action
    Always takes the fight

    Leather Rebel
    Lightning in the dark
    Leather Rebel
    With a burning heart

    Master of the streets
    Bulletproof and bound for glory
    Cities at my feet
    I'm turning on the power

    Running wild and free
    No one dares to stand before me
    That's my destiny
    To rule the darkest hours

    I can see my future
    Writings on the wall
    Legend in my lifetime
    Stories will recall

    Leather Rebel
    Lightning in the dark
    Leather Rebel
    With a burning heart

    Oh oh oh, oh oh
    Raging Fire
    Burning down the walls
    Raging Fire
    The rebellion force
    Raging Fire
    All across the land
    Raging Fire
    Fights in self-defense

    Quietly it crept in and changed us all

    This world is spinning around me
    The whole world keeps spinning around me
    All life is future to past
    Every breath is one less to my last

    The clans are marching 'gainst the law
    Bagpipers play the tunes of war
    Death or glory I will find
    Rebellion on my mind

    Anger, misery
    You'll suffer unto me

    Harvester of sorrow
    Language of the mad
    Harvester of sorrow

    I am the seed of a vision
    I am the one who foresees
    I pray the world will remember
    Some day the world will believe

    Rebels of a new age
    Together we are one
    Pounding out the rythms
    Of a different song
    Rebels of a new age
    Fighting for a cause
    The future is in our hands
    This world is ours

    When the end of your life is close at hand
    Maybe then you'll begin to understand
    Life down here is just a strange illusion

    PB life:
    100 posts (Jan 8th 2013)
    250 posts (Feb 12th 2013)
    500 posts (Jun 11th 2013)
    Name change from ChillBill to Ice Jackal (Nov 10th 2013)
    Modded (Nov 25th 2013)
    666 posts (Nov 28th 2013)
    Back to 606 posts (Dec 12th 2013)
    Again at 666 posts (Dec 29th 2013)
    Name change from Ice to Chaos Jackal (Jan 1st 2014)
    Farewell DNA. Ladder count: #3 (Feb 1st 2014)
    See you Elite Stride (Feb 10th 2014)
    1000 posts. Celebrated with Demons of Creation. (Feb 15th 2014)
    Won PokePoetry V (Feb 16th 2014)
    Won XY OU Tournament (May 29th 2014)
    1000 wall comments (Nov 5th 2014)
    Won WW XXIII (Nov 15th 2014)
    Resigned from moderating (Jan 31st 2015)
    Won May 2015 Monthly OU Cup (May 31st 2015)
    2000 posts (Jun 8th 2015)
    Left PB. Farewell. (Jan 28th 2016)
    Brief return (Jun 17th 2017)
    Departure. Until next time (July 1st 2017)

    Beyond reality, beyond imagination
    Proud to be a metalhead
    Intelligent, Independent, Invincible
    Against the world.
    Walking down a dark path...
    Riding Infinity
    Wielding Destruction
    I gaze also into you...

    The only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed. - Lelouch Lamperouge

    This world is rotten and those who are making it rot deserve to die. - Yagami Light

    Do something! The night is still so young, and the real fun is yet to start! Hurry, hurry, hurry, HURRY!!! - Alucard

    Human beings didn't evolve brains in order to lie around on lakes. Killing's the first thing we learned. And a good thing we did, or we'd be dead, and the tigers would own the earth. - Valentine Wiggin

    That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with stranger aeons, even death may die. - H.P. Lovecraft

    Life is chaos, and you can't expect her favor. Earn it. - Chaos Jackal

    Chat quotes (not the best, but everyone has some, so...)

    <Krisp> I told my friends that you're Greek, CB. They've never known one before, it's f****** awesome, man.
    <Krisp> P.S. I HATE YOUR YOGURT.
    <ChillBill> Don't listen to her, she's high.
    <Krisp> And I just sniffed some coke. Man, that stuff is great!
    (I win)

    [21:35] <ChillBill> !dex dragonexpert
    [21:35] <DNAFK> #??? Dragonexpert: He's banned many people in the past on his own little whims. One day, someone will ban him and say "BANNED BECAUSE HI!".
    [21:36] <ChillBill> wow
    [21:36] <ChillBill> is KA really that fearsome?
    [21:38] <DNAFK> Fearsome? As if
    [21:39] <ChillBill> then why does he have such a spicy entry?
    [21:39] <PMJ> fearsome like a dead rooster
    (we loved you, KA...)

    [20:55] <TPO3> I would only use it outside of that context to describe something EXTREMELY terrible
    [20:55] <TPO3> like
    [20:55] <TPO3> it would have to be
    [20:55] <TPO3> worse than horrible
    [20:55] <TPO3> worse than terribad
    [20:55] <TPO3> and worse than horriawful
    (The word TPO3 is talking about is whorrible. And believe it or not, it started with Palkia.)

    [20:14] <ChillBill> looks like my mispelling disease i have today is contagious
    [20:14] <Articuno> lol its actually pretty amusing
    [20:14] <DNA> There are 2 Ss in misspelling.
    [20:14] * Lucksol slowly backs away from Chill
    [20:15] <Lucksol> LOL
    [20:15] <DNA> not 1.
    [20:15] <ChillBill> no way...
    [20:15] * ChillBill checks dictionary
    [20:15] <Lucksol> misspelt
    [20:16] <DNA> ^5
    [20:16] <ChillBill> DAMN YOU DNA
    [20:16] * DNA tips fedora and takes a bow.
    [20:16] <Lucksol> ^5
    [20:16] <ChillBill> lol
    [20:17] <ChillBill> i'm thinking of quoting this
    [20:17] * Lucksol quotes
    [20:17] <Lucksol> ahead of you
    [20:17] <ChillBill> i knew it

    xXxBadGirlXxX: pokerus is AIDS
    xXxBadGirlXxX: almost impossible to u get one
    Ace Trainer Leo: awe that sucks i still want aids though
    (Fail from the first to the last letter.)

    [3:35:32 PM] Bill Jackal: Just curious
    [3:35:55 PM] Bill Jackal: Have you voted for PB's fav mon?
    [3:36:14 PM] King Cutthroat: no
    [3:36:19 PM] King Cutthroat: probably wont
    [3:36:39 PM] Bill Jackal: Cmon, those Gardevoir fans are ABUSING Gengar
    [3:36:50 PM] Bill Jackal: You don't like that now, right?
    [3:37:06 PM] King Cutthroat: Wait what?
    [3:37:07 PM] King Cutthroat: Not on ,my watch!
    [3:37:26 PM] Bill Jackal: Finals is Gardy vs Gengar
    [3:37:26 PM] King Cutthroat: Where is my soul-harvesting mask?
    [3:37:26 PM] King Cutthroat: IT MUST BE DONE IN THE NAME OF GENGAR!
    [3:37:59 PM] King Cutthroat: FOR GENGAR!
    [3:38:12 PM] King Cutthroat: FOR THE MASTER OF BADASSERY HIMSELF!
    [3:38:39 PM] Bill Jackal: Knew I'd hit a weak spot :D
    (hurr durr)

    [4:50:26 PM] drohn91: lol
    [4:50:51 PM] drohn91: 1 step closer to hologram pokemon
    [4:51:46 PM] Jackal: who needs hologram pokemon
    [4:51:51 PM] Jackal: they're good as they are
    [4:52:06 PM] Athena: I'd rather go back to 2D sprites myself >____>
    [4:52:12 PM] Athena: but that's how I feel about basically all games
    [4:53:06 PM] drohn91: it was a joke ;-; i dont think i'd be going outside and throw hologram pokemon at anyone
    [4:53:16 PM] drohn91: though for official tournaments
    [4:53:20 PM] drohn91: like Worlds
    [4:53:23 PM] drohn91: that would be awesome
    [4:53:50 PM] Athena: I know a lot of people who would legitimately like 3D hologram games; I'm just not in that group because I am a futsy old lady who prefers old technology :p
    [4:54:19 PM] drohn91: oh i didnt mean for the games i just mean having "real" pokemon but as holograms
    [4:54:24 PM] drohn91: lol
    [4:54:56 PM] Jackal: i sincerely hope your Charizard will burn you with holographic fire
    [4:55:07 PM] drohn91: it would totally be worth it
    (Takes sacrifices.)

    [8:22:02 PM] Jackal: i just hope Zuco will fry someone
    [8:22:10 PM] Ice Espeon: *Zuko
    [8:22:14 PM] drohn91: Zuko^
    [8:22:15 PM] Jackal: sorry
    [8:22:17 PM] Jackal: lol
    [8:22:43 PM] Ice Espeon: Ice Espeon fries Jackal
    [8:22:50 PM] Jackal: with ice?
    [8:22:52 PM] drohn91: with ice?
    [8:22:53 PM] drohn91: wow
    [8:22:54 PM] drohn91: wtf
    [8:22:57 PM] drohn91: stop ninjaing me people
    (Well, I needed a ninja quote, right?)

    [12:55:03 AM] Camoclone: Does she have 130 HP?
    [12:55:30 AM] Camoclone: If so then I can OHKO her with my Big Bang Horn
    (If you don't get this, good for you.)

    [1:37:01 AM] Nathan "SG" Beckner: My mics broke I wouldn't hear anything.
    (Probably talked with speakers.)

    [7:45:59 PM] Jackal: Drohn and Patrick Star have many things in common; you ever thought about that?
    [7:46:13 PM] Jackal: most notably
    [7:46:19 PM] Jackal: they both live under a rock
    [7:47:01 PM] Jackal: drohn is more handsome though
    [7:48:11 PM] kecleon-x: w0w
    [7:48:19 PM] kecleon-x: Not even sure how to respond.
    [7:48:35 PM] kecleon-x: XD
    [8:03:14 PM] Jackal: once again, I leave Matt speechless
    [8:03:21 PM] Jackal: I'm so good at this
    [8:10:07 PM] drohn91: ahwww
    [8:10:13 PM] drohn91: Jackal said I'm more handsome
    [8:10:14 PM] drohn91: (heart)
    [8:10:22 PM] Jackal: than Patrick
    [8:10:29 PM] Jackal: that is not exactly a compliment
    [8:10:29 PM] drohn91: though idk what the other guy looks like
    [8:10:33 PM] drohn91: well
    [8:10:34 PM] Jackal: ...
    [8:10:36 PM] drohn91: it's not an insult
    [8:10:36 PM] Jackal: Drohn
    [8:10:38 PM] drohn91: so I take it
    [8:10:42 PM] Jackal: you really just said
    [8:10:46 PM] Jackal: you have no idea
    [8:10:54 PM] Jackal: who Patrick Star is?
    [8:10:59 PM] drohn91: ...
    [8:11:04 PM] drohn91: how am I supposed to know
    [8:11:08 PM] Alex - Ice Espeon:
    [8:11:11 PM] drohn91: I assume a doctor who character
    [8:11:14 PM] drohn91: based on the conversation
    [8:11:19 PM] Alex - Ice Espeon: LOLOLOLOL
    [8:11:23 PM] Jackal: Somebody
    [8:11:23 PM] Matthew Brower: I just died a little inside.
    [8:11:24 PM] Jackal: please
    [8:11:26 PM] drohn91: OOOOH
    [8:11:27 PM] Jackal: kill him
    [8:11:30 PM] Jackal: now
    (Speaks for itself.)

    <davichi> ugh
    <davichi> i wish you could search members by gender on the forums
    <davichi> or age
    <davichi> fml
    (A golden oldie of the old chat days. I decided to keep one of DNA's quotes here, since he deleted all of his collection. I picked this one because Jay is just awesome. Not to mention he's right.)

    [7:45:48 AM] Kaotata: I turned in a leve quest and all my shit broke before.
    [7:45:58 AM] Kaotata: "Thank you for saving everyone. Here's your reward."
    [7:46:04 AM] Kaotata: -all your gear breaks-
    [7:46:07 AM] Kaotata: <Kemiko> o_O
    [7:46:19 AM] Rob: Sounds like a hentai set up.
    [7:46:28 AM] Rob: Here's your reward *rips off clothes*
    (That is from HW, who took it from DNA... It's too good to pass.)

    And some battle videos for you:
    How to wear down a Ferrothorn. Not a very good battle on my side otherwise...
    Deoxys-A sweep. The opponent was a scrub.
    Mega Mewtwo Y sweep.
    Double Dance Thundurus-T sweep.
    SubCM Jirachi sweep.
    Wall battle.
    How to troll Mega Mawile.
    Heatran is always good.
    Greninja sweep.

    Signature banners and avatars taken from dA are the sole property of their respective creators/owners. They do not belong to me and I do not wish to exploit them in any way. Their owners are free to ask me to remove them, and I will immediately do so. Same goes for images I use in my RMT threads.
    Signature banner by alexiuss. Avatar by Liciniosouza. For RMT images, credit goes to the following: PB's very own Xous (Dialga, Thundurus-I, Landorus-I), purplekecleon (Giratina, Rotom-W), Masae (Kyogre), Nanasschevelu (Kyogre), Ruth-Tay (Rayquaza), NetArtWorK (Mega Mewtwo Y), Ashuras2000 (Arceus), sanguisGelidus (Arceus), HasegawaVega (Kyurem-B), TheAngryAron (Mega Pinsir), Namh (Landorus-T), Neslug (Rotom-W), All0412 ([email protected], Tyranitar, Celebi, Talonflame), Libra-Dragoness (Volcarona), SpiritoftheGauntlets (Excadrill), Nempatriarch (Conkeldurr), Yilx (Aegislash), Silverbirch (Garchomp), Ravoilie (Heatran), Skystalker (Gothitelle), SanjulWhiteShadow (Mega Charizard X), SureinDragon (Manaphy), Hattori-Hako (Shiny Mega Gengar), Dekus (Yveltal), Neoseptem (Zekrom), -kiara- (Deoxys-S), Miss-Callie-Rose (Mega Diancie), zoid162010 (Mega Metagross), Chokico (Shiny Mega Lopunny), Yilx (Tapu Lele), Ragequit64 (Greninja). I can't find the creators of the banners I used as team themes, credit goes to them nonetheless.

    Wherever you may be, always remember. The Metal Rebel is watching you...



    Cry for Tanelorn|Into the Void|Competitive VG/Beach Life Staff Alumnus
    Love and hate, life and death... they are the same.
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