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    Monday, 9/11, Too Much to List

    All the Dimand and Pearl info is great. I hope the games come out early next year here or else. As for the preview for "A Chip Off The Old Brock," Brock, now played by Bill Rogers for those of you who don't know yet, sounds very much like his old self again. I hope the rest of the episode is...
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    Wednesday, 9/6, Team Rocket's New Voices, EX Dragon Frontiers Tid-Bits

    Hmmm... I was wondering how Team Rocket's voices improved since the mastermind blunder. Meowth at least sounds better and somewhat closer to Maddie (except for his scream which really isn't as much of a deal.) Jessie definitely sounds much better and you can actually tell what she's saying. Same...
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    Thursday, 7/20, Live from Comic-con!

    The original english voice actors, just to clear that up
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    Monday again, 7/17, Downtime and VA/PUSA Questions

    I have 3 questions. First, can you find out who voiced who in the mastermind special? Second, can you find out who the voices will be behind season 9? Finally, can you ask how many episodes they have already dubbed (see if you get some episode titles), and which episode(s) they are working on...
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    Saturday, 7/8, New Ash and Brock to Attend Comic-con

    I think you should find out once and for all who voiced who in the mastermind special. Also, you should find out who will be voicing who when season 9 starts. What about people who don't have cable? How will they be able to watch Pokemon in the future?
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    Sunday, 5/28, New English Names, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Info, Eps tomorrow!

    Finally!!!!! We at long last know the official english names of these 2 pokemon. I was never expecting to see Weavile as Manyula's english name. Mime Jr.? Nintendo of America and Pokemon USA, Inc. could of thought of a better english name for it, but oh well. I hope you find your On Cloud...
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    5/13, New Way to Watch Eps

    I think that you new method is a good idea as now you can keep track of who watches these episodes, and who is "using" them inappropitely. Also, put up the episodes airing on Cartoon Network (since some people probably missed a few.) I read on that Pokemon Chronicles is going...
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    Monday, 5/15, Better Diamond/Pearl Pics

    These screenshots are a lot better than the ones shown in Coro Coro. It finally shows how the DS is supposed to handle Pokemon. Nice and Bright. The one it which the player's Munchlax was battling the opponits's Manyula is a lot better. Say it Loud, Say it Proud.
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    Updated: Tuesday, 5/8, Pokemon TFG, JAA T-Shirt, D/P Names Soon (E3 Info)

    E3 was a great year for Pokemon. While Diamond and Pearl were not at the expo, Mystery Dungeon and Ranger were. They all (there's a DS version and GBA version for Mystery Dungeon) look like good games, but I might want to wait till Diamond and Pearl's release date gets revealed. If the release...
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    Thursday, 5/11, First D/P Screenshots

    Finally, some screenshots and info have completely surfaced. They are cool! In the overworld though, the male and female characters seem to look a lot like there Fire Red and Leaf Green counterparts. Munclax using Swallow. Never would I have gussed that one. And Manyula? It happens to be able to...
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    Discuss: Mastermind of Mirage Pokemon

    Well, Japanese music. That was something new for the dub. Anyway, Pokemon USA will most likely keep this course, since fans said it was better than the 4 Kids music. My suggestion is that just like 4 Kids, they put music in the whole episode, not just half. The voice actors, well, they weren't...
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    Discuss: Hooked on Onix

    Onyx! Well, I was aware of that when I saw the title card. At least Pokemon USA Inc. will properly write Onix as Onix, not Onyx like 4 Kids did. I didn't realize they did it for the second time though. After this episode, 8 more 4 Kids dubbed episodes remain.
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    Discuss: Rough, Tough, Jigglypuff

    I liked the episode. What was really cute was that Jigglypuff's singing notes had matter just like the notes that came from Shroeder's toy piano. It was also funny at the end at how Jigglypuff's singing was even affecting the narrator.:D