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  • Brojo67, Thank you !
    GG, is it your first shiny by masuda method ?
    I don't want to take it from you, but if you manage to get a clone of it, I'll gladly accept it =)
    Brojo67, I don't understand what you mean. Is there a problem with the blastoise ? You can't learn old moves, that's it ?
    Brojo67, Yes, which one do you want ?
    male torrent, male rain dish or female rain dish ?
    My first shiny was an Abamasnow in Pearl. I caught it because it looked funny. I didn't know what shinies were at the time.
    I went backwards and played Fire Red, Leaf Green, Sapphire and Emerald. I can't remember the games but I caught a Ponyta, a Golbat and one other, I can't remember who.
    This gen I wasn't an hour into my first playtrhough before a shiny Pidgey showed up.
    I have managed to catch a lot of shinies this gen.

    I don't like radar. I can't seem to get more than a chain of about 5. Not much better at chain fishing. Don't have the patience for hatching bunches of eggs at a time.
    Almost all of my shinies are from friend safaris or random encounters or hordes.
    I've caught several while hunting for HA pokemon in hordes.
    I have hatched 2 shinies this gen an Oshawatt and a Vivillon.
    I've found at least one in most of the games I've played except Gen 5 ones. Also I have maxed out the clock in all of them.
    Yes! Caught in a Luxury ball, Bold nature, Likes to Thrash about and ability is Sturdy.
    I just had a Shiny Dwebble show up in your safari. He was just he second pokemon I encountered this visit!
    Thank you! :D
    Sorry I wasn't on this morning to respond sooner.
    Your safari is Rock: Dwebble, Pupitar and ???
    I'll look for the third one when I see you online in the game.
    Thanks for the add.
    Glad you joined!
    Hey, I'd like to check you safari for you.
    My friend code is 1907-9797-0140
    My safari is Ice: Spheal, Bergmite and Cloyster.

    Will you give me a heads up when you've added me?

    By the way I think your thread is an excellent idea!
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