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  • Brave Vesperia, Why thank you. I have to say I love the name Profduck haha.
    Brave Vesperia, thanks, I like physics, pathology and chemistry. I want to be a pathologist and Im just hoping to get good grades in my exams =]
    Brave Vesperia, OMG it's too hard to choose !!! There are so many that I really like. At the moment I really appreciate my Meowth TR balloon cushion <3
    I'm also impressed by the Big M/F Meowstics, so soft *o*
    Brave Vesperia, Thank you :)
    I don't have 240 different species, but yes all my plushies are different (I think that regular Substitute plush is the only one I own twice ^^)
    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    Hello and thanks for the welcome! I don't have time like I used to for video games, but I generally seem to gravitate towards action RPGs. I'm looking forward to Watch Dogs, do you do any gaming? Music is hard to narrow down, but I like alternative rock and hip hop/rap...the latter I grew into more during the last number of years.

    And that's Billie, she's an 8-year old green cheek conure. I love conures! How long have you had yours? Do your cats get along with your bird?
    Hey there Brave Vesparia! Thanks for the welcome! Personally, I prefer Huge Power. Grass types aren't THAT common in Gen 6 metagame, and it helps to have the double Attack for burns or just for the hell of it.
    Brave Vesperia, I updated my haves. I should have a Pokémon Fan Club FA and Magnezone EX FA coming in early next week, but they're not listed in my thread yet.
    Hi, Can I add you to my Friend's List, my fc is 0018-1948-3823, thanks in advance!
    Brave Vesperia, I too watched it as a kid! I am currently re watching it I am in the android saga!
    Brave Vesperia, hello thank you for welcoming me! I love DBZ it is my favorite anime (Naruto) is my close second. I like dbz better than db, my favorite character is Vegeta (all the other saiyans share second place) I prefer the dub.
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