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    'Shining Fates' is February's Special Set!

    All online product I've seen in North America lists the V Boltund etc. tins as having 6 boosters but product opening looks like they have 5 boosters. Can anyone confirm if there are 5 or 6? The tins aren't the awesome deal I thought if they only have 5...
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    McDonald's 25th Anniversary Pokemon Promotion Starts in February -- Way Too Many Goodies!

    anyone in Canada finding these in their local McDs? I asked at one and the worker said that the pokemon promotion was done and that they were onto Monopoly. I will check other stores and report.
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    Help Where to buy Shining Fates online in Canada?

    $149 for the Shining Fates ETB?! See link to popular online CDN game store. I don't know if these prices are to scare away bots or scalpers before they list for presale... but isn't this triple retail price? Any other suggestions where to look? Should Walmart get them on the 19th as well as game...
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    holy?! That must have been were my good pulls went lol.
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    Opened a CP ETB and all I got was a V Eldegoss from 10 packs :(. I have the worst luck when it comes to pulls. I thought ETBs used to have the best pulls.
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    'League Battle Decks' Info Revealed, Replacing Battle Arena Decks!

    Would you mind PM me the name of the store? All my regular stores cancelled their preorders :(
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    Discussion Bad luck on pulls or? (Rebel Clash)

    Hi long time lurker, first time poster. I bought 10 loose Rebel Clash boosters from a game store and only got one v card in all these packs. That's it no vma's, gxs, full arts nothing. Bad luck or is it possible for a store to dump boosters they suspect duds?