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    Pokemon The Name Rater Thread!

    Hello again guys! Today I'm looking for a good Rhydon nickname. I want it to be powerful and original. Thanks. :)
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    Forum being thrown away? Wha?

    Alright, I'm confused to say the least, but I have a few things to say. First of all, I tried to read this whole thread. You guys went off-topic real fast and I got a little sick of reading everyones inside jokes, so I skipped a large chunk of the thread. Because of that, if anything I happen...
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    The Pokebeach Memory Thread

    Um... I've been off for a few days... can someone please tell me exactly whats going on here?
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    Pokemon Ash's Pikachu IV Counting

    RE: Ash's Pikachu I'm excited to get going too guys, but I'm still busy. Mind you, I will start soon. I have a lot of training for work to get done.
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    Pokemon The Name Rater Thread!

    Arceus of Heaven, thanks for the reply. Like I said, I'm trying to get nicknames that have some significance in Platinum Version as well... perhaps something in a book, something Cynthia tells you... I dunno. I do appreciate your ideas and will consider them.
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    Pokemon The Name Rater Thread!

    Alright guys, I just caught a Modest Dialga with 31 IVs in Special Attack and I need a nickname. I don't want it to be "Time" or anything with Time in the name unless its very good. In that case, still suggest it, but I am looking for something with more depth to it. I'm considering Chronos, and...
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    Pokemon Ash's Pikachu IV Counting

    RE: Ash's Pikachu Hey guys, I have decided to start this project up once again! Although it is finally summer, I do have a lot to do. I will be regularly updating this project, but it probably won't be as frequent as before. I hope many of you who have been following this project come back to...
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    Wii U Discussion Thread

    The Wii U is Nintendo's next generation console. It features a 6 inch touchscreen-integrated controller and 1080p graphics. I personally think this is ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. The possibilities are ENDLESS with this. Seriously, look at that screenshot. Imagine other games you love with this...
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    BW/BW2 List of Available Dream World Pokemon

    Hey there guys, It's been a while! I've been very focused on my school work trying to finish off the year right, and now I'm back to grace Pokebeach with my presence. :) I definitely want to resume my Pikachu project soon, but first I have a question. I want to get some Dream World abilities...
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    Competitive VG Simple Questions Thread

    RE: The Competitive Battling Questions Thread Can the Rotom alternate formes be used on Wi-Fi legally in the 5th gen?
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    A Shot at Competitive 5th Generation (Mixed Tier)

    Alright, to sum it up, I am having HUGE success on Pokemon Online with this team. Being very unsure in the planning stages wasn't the greatest feeling for me, but putting the team together and winning a good 6/8 battles was great. I'm definitely going to build this team on my White Version...
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    A little confused over the whole thing

    Tortonic, DEFINITELY breed for natures over IVs. Natures can break you, IVs can somewhat hinder you.
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    A little confused over the whole thing

    Honestly, Spindry, it doesn't take that long to EV train Pokemon. I suggest finding the best places/Pokemon to train against. I just EV trained my Skarmory in Emerald and it only took about 40 minutes. Also, I think it's a little ridiculous to call it "accepted cheating". Every Pokemon in the...
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    Battlefield 3 - PS3

    RE: Battlefield 3 Thanks for that educated post Lenny. Seriously. I've always been a Call of Duty fan... until now. They've simply given up on the PC community all together... Black Ops was a complete disaster. Not only can I STILL not play it on my PC, but the game is just another recycled...
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    Battlefield 3 - PS3

    Battlefield 3 Battlefield 3... the FPS to FINALLY push the FPS genre forward. No, not "push" it forward, but to literally pick the genre up and shoot it out of a 12 gauge shotgun. To sum this game up... wow. Yes, we haven't seen the whole thing, but we HAVE seen 3 unbelievable videos of the...