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    Championship Point Requirements for 2018 Worlds Announced!

    Ah yes, Canada once again gets screwed by needing the same number of points as the States. This has done nothing but create a toxic environment rife with overcompetitive bullies in my area. I'm not over here arguing that getting a worlds invite should be easy. However, Canada has a lower...
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    Help Viable replacement for LELE GX

    The Greninja list that came 2nd at Hartford ran just 1 Lele. That's probably still the ideal, but the deck can probably work with 0 and something else in its wake. All I can suggest is don't buy any sealed product and save for Lele singles. I have Strong Opinions about how Lele's getting to be a...
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    Help Play! Points

    A few years ago, I used to get promo energies in the mail every so often that I thiiiink used to be from Play! Points? Couldn't tell you what they're used for nowadays though.
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    Ruling Starmie 31 EVO Help

    I believe you can grab the other Energy. As long as there's already one or more in your discard pile, I believe it's fair game. The wording is specifying the card you discarded, not all cards by that name. I think they'd mention if that were the case ^ v^
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    PokeBeach’s October 2017 PTCGO Tournament, Sponsored by!

    Are you a PokeBeach premium member? No What is your PTCGO screen name (the name you battle with, not the name you log in with)? Blazegryph What time zone do you live in? (If you don’t know what time zone you live in, use a World Clock to find out.) EST (Toronto/New York) Did you play in...
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    Discussion Okay, Tapu Lele-GX's Price is Outrageous

    It seems to me that in North America at least, TPCi profits off of the "general public" of Pokemon fans more so than the competitive playerbase, if how they sell overpackaged (this is almost more egregious to me than singles prices tooooo be honest but that's a discussion for another time) and...
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    P!P/Rules Should Seismitoad EX be Banned for Standard and Expanded?

    I stand by that the biggest problem with Toad is that it's no fun to play against. Regardless of counters and techs, if you have to sit through a long game of Pokemon cards being essentially unable to play the game, it's poor game design. When I played a Toad deck at Ontario provincials and ran...
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    PokeBeach Looking for Artists! [6/9]

    Email sent! :D I'm excited.
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    Ruling Feint Attack and Special Energies

    No problem. I do believe I figured out how everything works. There was just one little tidbit I was missing that I found on the TCG Compendium forums. :]
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    New PTCG Product: 'Furious Fists Launch Kit' [6/3]

    Heck yes. I'd be all over that in seconds.
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    New PTCG Product: 'Furious Fists Launch Kit' [6/3]

    I think a better solution would be dropping to 2 or 4 theme decks, and replacing the remainder with Energies, but more than what is included of each with the Elite Trainer Boxes (If I'm recalling the name correctly).
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    New PTCG Product: 'Furious Fists Launch Kit' [6/3]

    This is an interesting product, it definitely seems tailored to running small-scale prereleases, or even being used as a prize pack for events. The latter would depend on the price point though. I'm wondering if this is in response to Magic's lineup of card products and kits? While I'd...
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    Ruling Feint Attack and Special Energies

    That's fair, like I said this was just the example I had at hand. Brave Vesparia, would you be able to tell me if the statements below are correct? I think I've been able to figure this out... Feint Attack ignores special energy on the Defending Pokemon, such as Special Metal Energy. Feint...
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    Ruling Feint Attack and Special Energies

    Bump? Edited the title, as I mentioned in the edit I don't mean to imply I'm fishing for exact answers for the exam, I just don't know how this mechanic works with this many factors involved.
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    Best Place to Purchase Cards in Canada?

    RE: Best Place for Sealed Boxes in Canada Hey TheJulps, I'm not sure where in Canada you live, but I've bought from both 401 Games and GameShack in Toronto! I believe GameShack has some shipping deals within Canada as well. Not sure if 401 Games does orders, but if you're anywhere near Toronto...