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Feb 17, 2021
Sep 5, 2011
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May 6, 1997 (Age: 24)
United States

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DBT, Male, 24, from United States


Legend has it this man returns once a year on his blahthday. Just a legend, of course. May 7, 2020

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Feb 17, 2021
    1. EmmetCHH22
      Check ur pm and respond
    2. Salamencetrainer34
      I'll try to get video of the lugia! Probably tommorrow
    3. EmmetCHH22
      [b]Blah[/b], I'm not going I'm sick. Like really bad I'm dizzy and hallucinating and very tired
    4. DNA
      more than you know
    5. MrGatr
      Hey man, what do you think of Blastoise/Articuno EX/Lugia EX/Kyurem (PLF)?? It will have Frozen City and suck to just wreck large energy attackers.
    6. Emma Watson
      Emma Watson
      let's make out.
    7. MrGatr
      [b]Blah[/b], Sticky'd thread :D
    8. DNA
    9. MrGatr
      I'd kiss you... but that'd be... ummm... you know... Bad for your reputation
    10. Emma Watson
      Emma Watson
      wait. So college students RARELY make those big tournaments?
      aka, pretty much (maybe 95%) everyone who plays in masters are old adults that are working? :o
    11. Emma Watson
      Emma Watson
      how do you travel to so many tournaments, if you want to get those 400 CP, while still going to a school that's MIT/Princeton caliber and getting good grades? (I'm going to be going to one of those schools)
    12. Emma Watson
      Emma Watson
      I need help with something TCG related.

      And your signature says to contact you. So yeah.
    13. Serperior
      Thanks bud.
    14. Serperior
      In PlasmaKlang, I've been testing Dowsing Machine and Computer Search, but can't seem to decide which one to use. Help me out here?
    15. MrGatr
      [b]Blah[/b], thats kind lol.
    16. MrGatr
      How ever did you get your hands on Tropical Beaches?
    17. SheNinja
      Could I host a tournament on PlayTCG? I was going to make it as many players as it can fit. I will not participate in it. I will have it be a normal tournament structure; a certain amount of Swiss rounds then a top cut.
    18. DNA
      [quote]Game freeze.

      edit: dammit PMJ stop being a ninja

      If you could do the day update, that would be great since I'm going to bed and wouldn't be able to do it until I got home from school tomorrow.

      double edit: double ninja'd seriously [/quote]
      I know I'm dead but I still have to say this

    19. SheNinja
    20. SheNinja
      Do you get spammed by comments like this every year? lol
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  • About

    May 6, 1997 (Age: 24)
    United States
    TCG/VG Accomplishments:
    1st Place at (2) League Tournaments (will update as I go to more)
    Top 8 Nanuet Cities 2013 (Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Mewtwo EX)
    Top 16 NJ States 2013 (Garbodor/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX)
    2nd Place MA Spring Regionals 2013 (Klinklang/Cobalion EX)
    3rd Place Nanuet Battle Roads 2013 (Thundurus EX/Deoxys EX/Kyurem)
    Top 128 US Nationals 2013 (Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX)
    Top 64 PA Regionals 2013 (Virizion EX/Mewtwo EX/Bouffalant)
    Top 16 NY States 2014 (Garbodor/Landorus EX/Mewtwo EX/Raichu)
    2nd Place All in One League Challenge 2014 (Yveltal EX/Garbodor)
    Top 8 West Berlin Cities 2014 (Aromatisse/M Manectric EX/Techs)
    2nd place Nanuet Cities 2015 (Aromatisse/M Manectric EX/Techs)
    Top 16 NJ States 2015 (Mewtwo EX/Chandelure EX/Seismitoad EX/Crobat)
    3rd place NY States 2016 (Night March)
    Top 8 Origins SPE 2019 (Baby Blowns)
    Top 4 NAIC 2019 (Baby Blowns)
    Pokemon Involvement:
    • TCG Player
    • VG Player
    • Competitive TCG Player
    • TCG Play! Pokémon Player
    Generation Started:
    I am awesome. Yes. That's it. I have nothing more to say about myself. I'm just so awesome that it takes over my other traits.

    Modded: 12/21/12 (Yep, modded on the apocalypse)
    Super modded: 12/29/12
    Demodded to regular mod: 6/10/13
    Retired completely: 10/13/13

    Chat Quotes:

    I cant seem to get to the login screen

    [5/17/12 8:55:21 PM] Blah:
    [5/17/12 8:55:24 PM] Blah: o_O
    [5/17/12 8:55:27 PM] Blah: A guest posted
    [5/17/12 8:55:29 PM] Blah: I dont even
    [5/17/12 8:55:38 PM] Kennan Mell: dafaq
    [5/17/12 8:55:45 PM] Kennan Mell: lol
    [5/17/12 8:55:47 PM] Blah: ikr
    [5/17/12 8:55:53 PM] Kennan Mell: it's like i've been living in a lie my entire life
    [5/17/12 8:55:59 PM] Blah: ^
    [5/17/12 8:56:01 PM] Blah: rofl
    [5/17/12 8:56:11 PM] Blah: "I can't get past the login screen"
    [5/17/12 8:56:12 PM] Blah: Well
    [5/17/12 8:56:17 PM] Blah: You managed to hack the website
    [5/17/12 8:56:18 PM] Kennan Mell: well i think you just did
    [5/17/12 8:56:18 PM] Blah: so
    [5/17/12 8:56:19 PM] Kennan Mell: T_T

    bacon sent out Cloyster!
    Blah237-Test sent out Ninetales!
    Ninetales's Drought intensified the sun's rays!
    Start of turn 1
    Ninetales used Will-O-Wisp!
    The attack of Ninetales missed!
    Bacon's Cloyster used Shell Smash!
    Bacon's Cloyster's Defense fell!
    Bacon's Cloyster's Sp. Def. fell!
    Bacon's Cloyster's Attack sharply rose!
    Bacon's Cloyster's Sp. Att. sharply rose!
    Bacon's Cloyster's Speed sharply rose!
    The sunlight is strong!
    Blah237-Test: :(
    bacon: oof
    Start of turn 2
    Bacon's Cloyster used Rock Blast!
    It's super effective!
    Ninetales lost 130 HP! (45% of its health)
    Ninetales lost 144 HP! (50% of its health)
    Ninetales lost 13 HP! (4% of its health)
    Ninetales fainted!
    Hit 3 times!
    The sunlight is strong!
    Blah237-Test: Couldnt switch
    Blah237-Test sent out Heatran!
    bacon: yeah, that was your best option
    Start of turn 3
    Bacon's Cloyster used Rock Blast!
    Heatran lost 51 HP! (15% of its health)
    Heatran lost 51 HP! (15% of its health)
    Heatran lost 51 HP! (15% of its health)
    Heatran lost 46 HP! (14% of its health)
    Heatran lost 51 HP! (15% of its health)
    Hit 5 times!
    Heatran used Fire Blast!
    The attack of Heatran missed!
    The sunlight is strong!
    Blah237-Test: ....
    bacon: man
    Blah237-Test: I lose
    Blah237-Test: gg
    bacon: yeah :X
    Blah237-Test: You OHKO everything else
    Blah237-Test: All I can do is hope you miss
    Start of turn 4
    Bacon's Cloyster used Rock Blast!
    The attack of bacon's Cloyster missed!
    Heatran used Fire Blast!
    Bacon's Cloyster hung on using its Focus Sash!
    Bacon's Cloyster lost 99% of its health!
    Bacon's Cloyster was burned!
    The sunlight is strong!
    Bacon's Cloyster is hurt by its burn!
    Bacon's Cloyster fainted!
    Blah237-Test: that
    bacon: hahahaha
    Blah237-Test: Wow
    bacon: no way
    Blah237-Test: Talk about Major Hax
    bacon: best 3 turn start ever

    Kyle is Confused!
    Kyle used transform!
    Kyle transformed into Blah!
    Kyle used Spit Up!
    But it failed!

    Blah > Satan. Blah > Chuck Norris. Blah > Arceus.


    2018-2019 Season Record: (aka times I've won CP)

    Top 8 Origins SPE
    Top 4 NAIC​
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