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    Saturday, 7/16, Manaphy Movie Ending

    blar. you could have mentioned that. ;p
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    Saturday, 7/16, Manaphy Movie Ending

    great job stealing information. now i see who is the better webmaster.
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    Wednesday, 6/14, EX CG Scans, Layout Progress

    75 cards in the japanese set, eh? think furthest will be in this? did you bother to take into account that there are TWO half decks, that when adding all the different cards there, they equal 25? whats 25+75, WPM? =P and there, my friend, is our set.
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    Tuesday, 6/6 (dun dun dunnn...) Pika Blackstar Promo, VT no Ash

    ever think she doesn't want to return because doing so would jeapordize her contract with 4kids? its like working at both burger king and mcdonalds: you can't have it both ways. or, ever think accepting this would mean she is betraying the rest of the VA's who weren't offered the same chance?
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    Friday, 6/2, Furthest Ends, Manaphy

    those manaphy stuffs aren't theme decks...augh. they are deck boxes. and mini card files. much like the mew/regi file made last year (long design). the gardy and ttar stuff are half decks for furthest...whatever. bleh.
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    4/21, EX HP Set List, Diamond and Pearl Official Names

    well, looks like i dont need to do anything more for this set. *jumps off cliff*
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    4/19, EX Holon Phantom English Scans, Card Review: Medi ex, Wallpaper!

    i retract my previous statement.
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    So uh..

    ... you know this how?
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    Proffessor Oak Research in HP?!?

    prof. oak will POSSIBLY be reprinted in this set. if it won't re-appear in this set, my guess is it will re-appear in pop4 packs or in miracle crystal (our august set).
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    NEW speculative holon phantom list

    there won't be "one less pokemon." it just means i have to revise the trainer list, or, kick energy switch off the list, and put something else in.
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    NEW speculative holon phantom list

    i already put the regis there. i realize that there are two sets of regi promos, but, they are exactly the same, except with different art. this basically means that the 3 cards have to be something else...but what? certainly not those new delta species promos from mcdonalds, considering we have...
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    NEW speculative holon phantom list

    i am impatient. sue me. =P here's my new list. i realize that 3 cards are missing, but, thats because i'm unsure what to put in. key: (m): meiji chocolate promo; (t): lucario/mew tin; (l): lucario collection box; anything without parentheses is in the original japanese set. 1/110 Armaldo d...
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    Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder

    yeah...i meant meiji overall, not exactly meiji 4. but yeah...thanks for finding out what they were from specifically. by the way, brian, why weren't you at PA??? whats the next event you'll be at?
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    Saturday, 4/8, POP 3 Set List and Scans, Mew/Lucario Binder

    combusken and donphan are from the meiji promos. my set list on the gym was pretty close.