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    Contest September 2021 CaC: Unused Pokémon (Sign-ups Closed!)

    The fighting energy symbol is messed up XD Attack cost is [F][C][C] and the Ability should say "non-[F] Active Pokemon" And weakness is supposed to be Psychic (color is not clear). Again, I apologize for this but formatting is not working for me on this site. Fixed, dw about it. ~~Jabberwock
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    Contest September 2021 CaC: Unused Pokémon (Sign-ups Closed!)

    Formatting the text doesn't seem to work right now, so I apologize if this looks messy. But here's my entry:
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    Help Moomoo Cheese

    Yes, I think the intention of the card is, regardless of how many Pokemon you have in play, each of your Pokemon (up to 2) is healed for only 30 damage. If you have only 1 Pokemon, the remaining healing potential of Moomoo Cheese is wasted. If you want to heal more damage from a single...
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    Help Paralysis Condition (Rulebook Wording Clarification)

    Yeah, I think it should say "... Paralyzed since the beginning of your turn that just passed" or something like that. I think it's like this: Opponent's turn = your Pokemon gets paralyzed. Checkup = (nothing) Your turn = Your Pokemon can't attack or retreat because it is Paralyzed. Although...
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    Help Clefairy's Mini-Metronome Copying Aero Ball With Counter Energy

    I think Clefairy copies the effects of attacks, NOT the effects of any energy attached to the opponent. Whether Victini has Counter Energy attached or not, I don't think it would affect Clefairy's damage output. It would count as 1 energy. I could be wrong tho. However, if Clefairy has Counter...
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    Goodra from ‘Fusion Arts’

    We already have Justin Bieber for that.
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    Contest September 2021 CaC: Unused Pokémon (Sign-ups Closed!)

    I would like to enter for Text-based. I will announce that my Pokemon is Wyrdeer (from Legends: Arceus). EDIT: Nidoqueen
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    Contest August 2021 CaC: Top Cards (Results Are Up!)

    Hi, I know I didn't enter this round, but I have a few things to say: 1) I am not against bimonthly schedule, but you will miss the even months, some of which have special events like Valentines Day (February), April Fools and Easter (April), Christmas (December), etc. So I suggest doing a...
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    Help Are all older Trainer cards with no subtype Items?

    In Gen 1, the term "Item cards" was not used, they were all referred to as "Trainer cards". If there's no subtype, it is simply a "Trainer card". There are no Supporters in Gym Heroes, or in any sets up to Expedition. Brock, Misty, etc are NOT considered Supporters, but rather just Trainer...
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    Help Are all older Trainer cards with no subtype Items?

    Stadium cards were introduced in Gen 1 in Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge sets. Supporter cards were introduced in Gen 2 Expedition set. Tools were officially introduced in Gen 2 or 3 but attaching Trainer cards to Pokemon was a concept since Base Set.
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    Help Does anyone know?

    That is the Japanese Southern Islands Marill. It is around $10 - 15 on eBay right now.
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    Collecting The "Look What I Pulled" & Pull Rates Thread

    I think it's like this: Box 1: 1 Sylveon, 3 Umbreon, 3 Duraludon, 1 Rayquaza pack arts (total of 8 packs in the ETB) 1g/2w1g/1w2g/1g means 1 green code (Sylveon) / 2 white, 1 green codes (Umbreon) / 1 white, 2 green codes (Duraludon) / 1 green code (Rayquaza) The noteworthy pulls are Crystal...
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    Collecting Lady Astrid card needs a good home

    Hi, if this card is still available, I am super interested in this! As evident on my YouTube channel, I am a collector and casual player, so I would never trash this card. Also, I have the e-reader and the appropriate games for this card, I could certainly use it! Please private message me...
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    Discussion Pokemon Legends Arceus - Your Predictions

    I don't always make predictions, but when I do.... Just kidding! I usually just look at the trailers and spoilers carefully and decide for myself if it's worth buying. However, I do have something to say regarding Legends: Arceus. This game is supposed to take place long time ago, back when...
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    Help Experience with Proxy Booster Boxes?

    If your ONLY purpose is to play with cards just for fun, you can download images of Pokemon cards you want, print them out, and cut & paste them onto cheap cards like bulk basic energy cards. That's what I do 😁 By buying fake cards, you are supporting that kind of (unethical) business, and in a...