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    Dragon Pokemon Return to the TCG: 'Sky Stream' & 'Towering Perfection' Revealed!

    Lucky popsicle looks like something i would eat with my best friends on top of a clock tower.
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    Pokemon World Championships Again Delayed Until Next Year

    His plan was to let each individual state decide what to do it failed because the American people as a whole only care about their individual feelings. Blaming Trump for everything is just plain wrong because the average American would have just ignored him because of blind hatred or not wanting...
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    'Shiny Star V' Announced for November, Plus Blastoise and Venusaur VMAX!

    Need another full art cynthia now the true best girl can't fall behind
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    'Shocking Volt Tackle,' Japan's September Set!

    To bad vileplume ruined the ability to use forest of giant plants id love to use that shifty effectively in expanded
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    Mismagius and Bellelba & Brycen-Man Banned by Creatures and TPCi!

    Pokemon should start taking some ideas from yugioh on limiting their cards. They could make it so that B&B keeps you from attacking that turn or mismagius's ability can not used the turn it evolves or the first turn if it was evolved via dusk stone.
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    What is a good format?

    Great article you might want to put in an edit when you were talking about vmax's not having abilitys sense eternatus VMAX has one.
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    Ruling Mimikyu from CEC

    You know less than the compendium don't argue against it
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    Activity Buff-a-Mon #5: Floatzel

    I say boost hp by 30 and give him a weak attack dropping move. Tropius is way big to be as frail as it is
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    Expanded Flareon / Nightmarch

    There is no point in time while playing vespiquen when you will have all 28 other pokemon in the discard pile and not just lose to by being benched. Use marshadow GX to copy joltic that's the only way your taking down a snorlax feasibly.
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    Discussion Anyone notice mistakes on cards?

    The scyther just implies your not a nit picky child the pineco is just old bad wording
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    Deck Archetype Galarian Cursola Discussion Thread

    A deck garage is for fixing. Their deck was obviously flawless didnt you know
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    'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

    When you start with "ahh yes". It generally means your saying something sarcastically or making fun of an error. I legit thought you were pointing out a typo on the name lol. Just some friendly advice for you.
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    Standard Honchkrow-GX Using the New Obstagoon

    Twin energy cannot be put on honchcrow
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    'World Down' and 'Legendary Heartbeat,' Japan's Summer Sets Introducing Amazing Rares!

    They said streamable its very unlikely you could get the neccesary set up required to charge 4 copperajah consistently