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    First “Lost Origin” Product Images Revealed!

    I wonder if the Booster Bundle exists just so someone can easily buy the minimum packs needed, if getting nothing else, to get free shipping from the Pokemon Center? lol
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    Standard Rotation in Early 2023, Some Cards Banned for Worlds!

    These cards were already not allowed at official events, as stated by the small text on the bottom border.
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    Nemona, Koraidon, Miraidon, and More Revealed in Latest Scarlet & Violet Trailer

    While Lechonk's name might very well be intentionally meme-y, here's also another origin of its name.
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    “Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box” Featuring Pikachu Promo and Premium Accessories!

    lol The exchange rate has been so crazy this year. Wish they could keep TCG stuff in stock on the Japanese Pokemon Center website.
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    May’s Pokemon Center Products for ‘Dark Phantasma’ Revealed!

    The article says May 13th. So May 12th probably around 6:00 PM PT.
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    May’s Pokemon Center Products for ‘Dark Phantasma’ Revealed!

    I can't help but wonder if Pokemoa drew those Arezu sleeves. I think I've only seen one instance where they noted the illustrator on the sleeve package...
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    TPCi Publishes Updated COVID-19 Protocols, Live Event Registration Now Open

    I don't think this suggests the return of Cups and Challenges anytime soon. Local events are considered unsanctioned. Premier events are currently recognized as Regional, International, and World Championships.
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    “Sinnoh Stars Mini Tins” in April!

    I wish the Shining Fates tins looked like that...
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    New ‘Collector Bundle’ in March Featuring ‘Legends: Arceus’ Starters!

    Would be totally random if they just threw in Arceus packs. lol
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    PTCGO Undergoing Maintenance to Prepare for ‘Pokemon TCG Live’

    I wonder how this will affect the Team Challenge. lol Depending on when Season 3 was agreed to, maybe that's what delayed an earlier release of Live. Maybe they had to make sure TCGO could still be used in case anyone participating logs into Live and migrates, assuming migrating automatically...
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    ‘Brilliant Stars’ Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    If you look at previous designs, I think you'll see that they probably intentionally put the "face" of a set on the 4-pocket portfolio. Maybe to make people buy both, or at least make the smaller one as desirable?
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    Piplup Promo with Purchases at Pokemon Centers!

    Wait. They couldn't do this when they released their recent Piplup line of stuff? :/ The Yu Nagaba Pikachu was out at the time so maybe they didn't want overlap...
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    ‘Fusion Strike’ Ultra PRO Portfolios Revealed!

    I wish I saw these here...
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    ‘Evolving Skies’ Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes Delayed

    I see no reason to provide compensation for something completely out of their control. Maybe if there was a significant delay. Like months. Even then, I wouldn't expect much of anything.
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    Special Delivery Bidoof Codes Are Being E-mailed Out!

    With these coming out in waves, maybe they're just trying to lessen the load on their packers and shippers? Especially with Evolving Skies coming up in a week. Or they have staff keeping an eye on the cards to avoid theft :P